Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Have You Wondered How SKP 2204 Hubungan Etnik Test Questions Would Look Like?

Well, you probably have heard about the controversy on this 'seditious' book...

Thanks to Google's caching, the removed course synopsis and contents for SKP 2204 Hubungan Etnik is available here.

So, the question is: Have you ever wondered how the test questions of this course (which you yourself, your children, friends, siblings or partners would be sitting for it) would look like? Hey, after all, it is the examination which matters most in the end.

Would it look something like this? Click on image for larger view:

Amaran: Ini bukan kertas soalan bocor. (Warning: This is not a leaked paper) ;-)

Happy trying and good luck in your exams, kids!

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