Monday, July 17, 2006

Malaysia Microchip (MM): Where Art Thou?

Remember that we are supposed to be producing the world's smallest microchip, Malaysia Microchip (MM), aptly named to portray the legacy of Mahathir Mohamad? Anyone knows what has happened to it now?

Not to be mistaken as kas-kas seeds. Source.


A search at the Japanese company supposedly producing the chip in Kedah, First Hill Electronics Co. (Malaysia) FEC Inc revealed a last update almost two years ago:

Well, the reason for bringing this topic up is that I saw this piece of amazing news over at Beebs saying that HP is producing 2-4mm square wireless memory chip and current versions can hold up to 512 kilobytes of data.

I want one of these...Amazing, innit?

Satu lagi projek (terbengkalai)...?

Perhaps Jeff Ooi who is blogging for CNet Asia and Oon Yeoh who is blogging for ZDNet Asia could enlighten us on that?

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