Friday, July 14, 2006

The Malaysian Blogosphere Sandiwara

UPDATED: Due to popular (one) request, exchanges of e-mails and high profile visits from the very bloggers themselves, here's an update on the 'About' page:

The bloggers in all their glory. Didn't invite us to join the NST family this time, eh? (Compare the screenshot below)

With great disclaimer, comes great avoidance of any liability for conflict of interest?

Nice to note that the MSM is working with bloggers. Hope not to the extent of more rounds of brainwashing though. Peace. ;)


Is the Malaysian blogosphere catching up with our sandiwara-ical politicians?

Well, it all started when someone updated his iPod playlist.

Soon, someone cried boo-hoo by declaring that he is quitting blogging.

And others follow suit by saying 'Enough!', 'You have crossed the line', etc. etc.

Then, the former became very defensive. His kamcheng kawan came out to support him, by revealing 'ada moNSTer di sebalik batu' (which I kinda knew already).

And just yesterday, which not many might notice this, it's official:

Sandiwara, eh?

It's interesting to note that elite news agencies like the Beebs and papers like the Daily Mail and The Guardian also have their own blogs, but it is their editors writing them instead.

Oh, I forgot. The editors here have their own periuk nasi to jaga. ;)

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