Saturday, July 29, 2006

Press Wars: Battle For The Front Page

The MSM news editors must be having a dilemma yesterday. Depends on which MSM they belong to, of course.

If your surname is Wong, of course you stand on the fence; you feature both!

Sorry, I see it pointless to subscribe to MSM e-papers, so stop complaining of the poor resolution already. Perhaps Doc Mave could help? :)

And the million-ringgit picture which almost brought the whole nation to tears...

Source: Starpix.

Oh, when opportunity arises, bash the internet also:

The Prime Minister also feared that certain quarters would take advantage of the incident by disseminating rumours, especially through the Internet.

Dayum, internet!

Well, if you're from the 4th floor, there's no doubt anymore. You put it as 'farcical argument between two groups of his supporters' (read: faction within group) and 'fast (action) and furious (of the attack)'.

Wow. Someone up there's so concerned. There, you almost have the whole nation brought down to tears again.

Wow, newpapers editors could read each other's minds. Or not!

[Anyone mind scanning NST's front page for me?]

AND, you portray someone as a hero as well. Or just mentioned his name straight away; put it as 'denied entry'. Who cares about the thousands?

Amongst the thousands, there's the one and only HERO, almost bringing the whole nation down to tears again. Can you spot him? Source: Utusan Malaysia.

Now, if you come out from your coconut shell, who has won this Battle For The Front Page? 72 (with the obscure name splattered here and there occasionally) or 118 (with direct name mentioned)?

Oh, someone hurt his arm while riding a horse (not to be confused with this nekkid staging). Awwwww...there goes another tear brownie point.

A Little Bird (lol...I even have one?) told me that some group of bloggers had dinner with him? Any more insider tips? I wanna know which horse to bet. Big.

Now, even my mother reads The Chronicles. Amazing indeed.

Overall, "you kena spray we report, you bash our BOSS, you punya pasal, we ain't gonna feature that".

Anyone still got any spare tears left after this? ;)

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