Tuesday, July 25, 2006

TARRC: Not Just About The RM 490 Million...

Okay, besides the 'main golf sini' as speculated by me and also pimped by theSun, there's something more about the RM 490 million TARRC Centre.

Seriously, this is not the matter of RM 490 Million. It is the sign of retaliation of NTR already. He wants to crush agriculture, i.e rubber (AAB's pet project) and build his legacy (under his father's name). Overseas.

According to the Hertfordshire Mercury article,

"One of them, a very good source of mine, told me that 'the deputy PM is signing a few defence deals in the UK and he will get the right people to lobby for the approval."

East Herts councillor Nik Wilson said: "This plan is a political and diplomatic hot potato which will reach the highest offices in the land. Our Government may not be able to refuse Malaysia, a major customer of the UK."

Those Brits must be in a dilemma now. Like their Malaysian counterparts, they are not sure which horse to bet . But with the headlines such as 'Half-past-six', 'No guts' and 'He is not my first choice', I guess you pretty much know the answer already. ;)

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Nevertheless, it's Tory's rule in East Herfordshire (the lesser evil?), and not bLIAR's party. Let's hope the best for their own environment and for our taxpayers' money.

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