Monday, July 31, 2006

Who Controls The Great Internet of Malaysia?

2nd August Update: Never ever before bloggers had been given such glitz and glamour, in a negative way, that is. Today's front-page on The Star (which they themselves must be laughing all the way), where the Man has dropped the bomb. Brace yourself for a real witch hunt anytime soon.

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He's really not happy with The Chronicles, for sure.

Wither press and internet freedom. A step backward for Malaysia indeed.


UPDATED: After denying to Jonathan Kent that he has anything to do with internet, he now disagrees that the internet should be regulated. From theSun:

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More than a year ago, we had Jamaludin Jarjis of MOSTE trying to nose into the internet business:

Policies and guidelines can to some extent, regulate the use of the Internet. For example, we have laws that allow authorities to act against those found possessing, selling, displaying or owning indecent materials in physical or digital form. These laws include the Penal Code, Film Censorship Act 2002, and the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998. In cases of hate sites and rumour mongering, although Internet regulations have been around for some time, the implementation have been found to be rather ineffective as it is difficult to trace the source and more often then not requires international cooperation as it transcends borders and may also transit through 3rd countries. Even if identified, it is difficult to prove the offence as the law requires that the offender "be caught in the Act", and committed the offence "with malicious intent".

And just today, he still wants to kaypohchee about regulating the internet. From Utusan Malaysia:

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Then, a few months ago, when Malaysia celebrated MSC's 10th Anniversary (while the broadband connection is still of the dial-up speed), Lim Keng Yaik, the Communications Minister, told Jonathan Kent of Beebs that 'Internet is not my business'.

And a few days ago, Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Fu Ah Kiow shocked the whole Malaysian internet world cyberworld and blogosphere by announcing this:

It turned out that we were just being Fu**ed around after all...

And ZAM was embarassed that he can only jaga RTM's and Bernama's kain after all...

"Jangan jaga tepi kain orang lain" a.k.a. MYOB, eh?

UPDATED: Still being thick-faced, he boldly announced that the internet should be regulated. From Bernama:

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Overlapping of the scope of duties and responsibilities? I'm not surprised. Take the above case for example. Or this. With the iKabinet 60Gb around, bucket loads of songs could be downloaded and even some may overlap each other. It's time the software to prevent the overlapping should be used. But unfortunately, the software is attacked by some virus (who himself got spray-tack) these days.

Gah! Who cares! There's only one person controlling this country, seemingly to be speaking on behalf of all Malaysians now, innit?

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