Thursday, July 06, 2006

Your Guide To The Tajudin Bare-it-all Saga in Benglish

Haiyo, so confused lar! What is the fuss all about? Front page summore woh!

German fans also so confused now. Portuguese fans may join in later.

You want to know har? Come, come let me tell you a story.

That 80s and 90s time har, that MAS business vely teruk lar. Early 90s lagi teruk.

And then hor, that Bank Negara pegang those MAS saham lar.

So kenot make marney, how leh? Going to bankrap liao woh. How? Kennot lar liddat! MAS national pride mar. So, go and sell to private people lor.

So this Tajudin got this camparnee Naluri, make helicopter one.

And that Old Ma and Diam Diam Daim go and ask him lor.

"Hey, lu Bumi, lu got lui, lu buy MAS shares can har? Haiya buy 32% only mar, sap-sap sui for lu lar"

Then Tajudin tulan-tulan go and agree lor, do 'national service' mar, no need to hold gun also, just pay marney, kau tim.

But that time hor, share only RM 3.50. Like one plate of Hainan Ji Fan (Hainanese Chicken Rice) lar. Most-most he can pay also hor, RM 5.00. No extra chicken also.

Skali, Old Ma wanted him to buy at RM 8.00.

Tajudin lagi tulan and boh song lar! But kennot make Old Ma angry. Like Hak Seh Wui (Black Society), how can you make the Tai Ko (Big Brother) angry leh?

So, last-last how tulan and boh song also, Tajudin agree lor. He go and sign Overlaiting Agleeman (dunno how to pronouce lar), he only act as mah chai (subordinate) for gomen. He actually dun wanna to step into the puddle one. Old Ma promise if Tajudin kennot tahan, gomen will sapport him back.

That agleement also 'kong sun yam' (verbal agreement). Like they say 'Tai ka jau kong wu, chut lei hang, hai kong sun yam' (Literal translation: We all run club, come out walk, base on trust).

Like said earlier above, Tajudin only mah chai for gomen. 'Own' camparnee also kennot do anything. Kennot sell share when untung. Kennot simply tukar the flights. Kennot do this kennot do that lar.

Then skali that 1998 big wind (financial crisis), Old Ma agreed liao to sapport him mar, so buy back MAS shares lor, RM 8. Semua olang boh song lar that time!

That Tajudin guy also hutang a lot of tai yee loong comparnee a lot of marney. Like Danaharta, Telekom. So in May 2006, they sue him RM 589 million back for rugi lui loh.

Skali that Tajudin sued the gomen, Danaharta, Telekom back RM 13.5 billion. He memang boh song liao so he go and tell this story to all loh and this blogger pandai-pandai go and translate to you all.

Wah, why gomen like hak seh wui one?

Yalor, yalor. Hey, dun forget lu vote for them one har. You know, like the movie, Election. Lu vote for taikor, lu get what it is now lor.

Oh, guess what. After going to be 3 decades now, is MAS making marney?

It ain't heavy, it's socio-politics. ;)

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