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Your One-Stop Guide To The Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Mob Video

UPDATED 19th August: I noticed that some of the readers are still interested in this case, so it is a courtesy for me to provide the latest update on it.

Well, after more than a month later, UPM's VC has finally came out with the verdict of the investigation. Just as I would expect, the mobs are let off scot-free. You can read more about it from theSun and MKini and other blogs such as KeanJin's and KTemoc's.

The UPM's VC has brought us a whole new definition of 'singing'. Make sure you quote him at those no-brainer reality reality singing competitions next time.


UPDATED 0110 BST 22nd July: Up till now, MSM consisting of Utusan Malaysia has not reported on this. Nor Berita Harian.

The Star has reports here and a second report here, puzzlingly all pertaining to a particular race being victimised and not just limited to one university. Also, as a mouthpiece of MCA, more pathetic glorifying here.

And apparently, it wasn't a football game. It was a rugby game, according to the VC, pathetically citing 'all pumped up' as a reason for their aggresive behaviour.

UMNO's mouthpiece and the No.1 Squealer in Malaysia, New Straits Times, has absolutely no report on this at all. Nor their blog. Nor its respectively bloggers. Xpyre has also posed a conscientious question to its bloggers in his blog.


UPDATED 2315 BST: Beh Lih Yi of Malaysiakini has a follow up report on this. They call it "a sham show of unity, staged for the benefit of journalists present". They even have a longer version of the video from another camera (or you can watch it here), featuring more barbaric lower simian actions (especially from Four-eyed Mob) and names were also mentioned.

In the video, the President of the Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (Student's Representative Body) gave an initial warning to ask the victims to remove the counter as he claimed it to have a 'hidden propaganda'. The victims persisted and everything seemed fine until later, a group of mobs was recruited to disperse the 'stubborn' counter. As explained in the shots below, we can assume that they were from some football game and arrived at the scene to give 'support'.

"Told ya, everything kau tim (settled) already!"


UPDATED 2053 BST: Thanks for the kind traffic and even plugs from celebrities engineer and doctor. Really appreciated it.

Believe me, this is NO small matter. It all roots back to how our education system, which takes up a large proportion of our expenditure (incomed from you tax-payers and the oil), is breeding the generation of youth supposedly leading our country in future. But why blame them? If their leaders could act like thugs in general assemblies (keris waving, remember?) and in Parliament, shout and show profanities publicly, and even encouraged these acts (by planning to employ them to collect debts in Perlis), what do you expect these kids turned out to be? And don't get me started on the corruption, accountability, credibility, blah, blah...

It will be a great shame if the mainstream media (MSM) except theSun chooses to black this news out, due to the 'relatively kecik mayung (trivial)' nature of this matter. Therefore, we as blogosphere netizens should play a role in spreading this news and not sweep it under the carpet.

And as a matter of fact, I shouldn't be blogging about this at all. Up till date, at least to my knowledge, none of the mob victims themselves or witnesses of the incident (out of the over 50,000 student population there) has come out with such blogs. What happened to the taken pictures? Post them up and give us a bigger picture.

It will be very exhausting for me to keep updating the list of blogs blogging on this. Therefore, could you please kindly head on to PPS Search, Technorati Search and Google Blog Search to find out more on who's blogging on this? Cheers.


Look no further. This is the ultimate post on the Universiti Putra Malaysia's mobs assaulting 7 undergraduates at a cafeteria in Kolej 12.

So far, the only mainstream media (MSM) reporting is theSun. Watch this space to find out if there are more reports in the MSM.


UPDATED 0130 BST: Up till now, there's total blackout in the MSM except by theSun, i.e.
The Star, NST, Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia.

theSun later has a follow-up today: Mustapa: Up to UPM to take action

Will there be another mob incident in JB tomorrow?


To start things off, this is the video we are talking about. For the sake of the international community, this video has some English subtitles and somehow not the original one from Merdeka Review, which first broke the news about this mob case:

It was then later reported by Malaysiakini.

The Malaysian blogosphere buzzlingly followed suit, led by Kean Jin et al (mostly in Chinese), JiNG from ACCeSS GRanTeD (to my knowledge) and several others, including a 'blog elite' and politicians (according to a Technorati search), such as:

mmulibra (in Chinese)


Kit with follow-up here.

Inside Stories

kiankeat lee

THE MALAYSIAN with follow-up here.



jee's life

UPDATED: More links:

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Unfortunately, up till now, NONE of the blog-celebs (including the blog-group), claiming to be 'highly recognised by peers' have blogged about this yet.

Taiko Maikel has blogged about it.


[leave a comment if you have blogged about it so that I could include you also]

And it seems that there are numerous police reports being made. See the statement here. It is not quite a police report though, as it is not in Malay, does not have a report number and the exact chronology of events in it.

MyAsylum has given us a marvelous lesson 101 on how to become a mob (nice job, matey!). And Wikipedia has this to say on the mob psychology:

Mob psychology shows that individuals tend to behave in a different manner as part of a group in contrast to acting independently. Members of a group are prone to acting in ways that they would deem immoral or unjust if in control of their behavior. This is not due to change in one's belief or principle, but rather the fact that individuals tend to ignore or avoid one's conscience or rational judgement. It can be said that individuals in a group defer their goals and take upon the identity of the group. Therefore, members of a group are likely to commit acts they would never commit alone. Being in a group allows individuals to defer blame, responsibility, accountability, and/or judgement upon the group.

There exist many evidence and examples of mob psychology in modern society. One example is the persecution of the Jews during the Holocaust.

Wow, UPM mobs=Nazi?

It think it is unfair just to follow your emotions and let the race card being played in this situation. Let's not jump to quick conclusions and start calling names (as seen in some of the comments posted in YouTube). We still have no idea whether it was race-motivated although the video clearly portrayed that it was an argument between two race groups.

And to the style of Carbon Copy (who is long lost missing nowhere), here's Howsy's analysis of the video with frameshots.

First things first, these are the information that is pretty much confirmed and we already knew:

Date: 17th July 2006

Time: Around 6.30- 7.00 p.m. (Which is true as the mobs were wearing footie kits and to the extent shoving boots at one girl. More details in the pictures below)

Venue: Kaunter Perkhidmatan Perkhidmatan Pelajar, Kafeteria Kolej 12, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). [Students' Service Counter, 12th Residential College's Cafeteria, University Putra Malaysia (UPM).

Mob group: 'About 50' members of 'pro-establishment group, Kumpulan Aspirasi, UPM (Aspiration Group, UPM) led by Eddy Azuan (student number: 121896)

Mob victims: '7 undergraduates from Gerakan Mahasiswa Maju UPM (GMMUPM) or Students' Progressive Front UPM.

Shot 1: Brochures at the stall

It is clear here that there were brochures on the table at the stall set up by the victims. Not quite sure what the contents were though.

Shot 2: The instigator

Although the video was heavily edited, it seems that this guy here, whom we shall call him 'Green Mob' from now on, was the instigator.

Shot 3: Group cheering and clapping hands

A mob wearing an orange jersey, whom we shall call him 'Orange Mob' from now on, clearly shouted "Tepuk ramai-ramai" (Let's clap together) and the other mobs (with the mob psychology as explained above) joined in and shouted A.B.B.R? (which 'A' clearly stands for Aspirasi).

Shot 4: 'Kami tak suka, you boleh balik'

Yet again, the most favourite phrase used in mob situations- "Tak suka, keluar" (Don't like it, f**k off). But who said it? Also note that there's another mob wearing an orange jersey holding a football, clearly showing that the mobs came in from some football game or something.

Shot 5: The instigator is indeed 'Green Mob'

Shot 6: Shoving of boots

A mob shoving a pair of boots towards the nose of a girl holding a camera, whom we shall call him 'Boot Mob', inviting her to sniff them instead of taking pictures of the mobs.

Shot 7: Waving of boots.

This further strengthens my point that the mobs were from some football game. And there were jeering 'Gelek gelek gelek', reminiscence of comedy scenes from Scenario.

Shot 8: Hooliganistic dancing

The jeerings were following by a mob, whom we shall call him 'Four-eyed Mob' dancing around hooliganisticly and later clapping hands, reminiscence of a lower simian species.

Shot 9: Chair-pulling

Four-eyed Mob pulling away the chair one of the victims was sitting.

Shot 10: The chair-sitting victim was holding a pink placard.

Self-explanatory title. Not sure what it reads though, whether related to the banned SKP 2204 course or not.

Shot 11: The head victim tried to talk things out.

One of the victims (the head, I think) attempted to talk things out by repetitively saying "Jangan gaduh" (Don't fight), which at times mistaken as "Jangan kata" (Don't speak), and also "Tolong, tolong" (Please, please).

Shot 12: Along came the guard.

A guard came by and tried to disperse off the argument. The guard looked very young and based on the uniform and reliable sources, these guards are employed to guard the gates of the residential college, and not from the Central Administration's (they have a different uniform which the ex-VC spent a fortune on them, trying to upgrade them ISO blah-blah).

Shot 13: Orange Mob continues to mob.

Orange Mob continues to mob the head victim, hurling loudly towards the camera and ignoring the guard.

Shot 14: Orange Mob's mugshot.

Smile, you're on The Sensintrovert.

Shot 15: The Red Mob finale.

As the cameraman continues to be attacked as seen by the shaking video, the Red Mob closes the scene by hurling "You pelajar dari mana. Patut kena buang! Belakang? " (Where are you students from? You should be chased away! Behind?)

Imagine these mobs potentially being those of the unemployed (some say unemployable) in future, but later absorbed into the civil service to serve you loyal tax-payers very nicely.

Let us see whether the papers will report it today and what Tok Pa will say on this. Let us not hope the usual favourite politician phrase "They were just following procedeures".

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