Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Siti Zakiah's 10 Daily Words

You must be scratching your head who this Siti Zakiah is. Well, she is one of those who had benefitted from the Newspaper in Education (NIE) programme by a mainstream paper, who else, if not NST.

Students find paper a mine of information

KUALA PILAH: Siti Zakiah Abdul Rahman is excited about the way she has found to improve her English. She looks up all the unfamiliar words she finds as she reads the New Straits Times and writes them down in her own personal mini-dictionary.

The 17-year-old from Felda Kipis says: "I had never read an English newspaper before. I have made my own mini-dictionary and I add about 10 new words a day. This has helped me tremendously in my essay writing and has boosted my vocabulary."

Hamidi Kuncimon, 17, from Felda Palong 6, uses the NST to gather information for the interschool debates he takes part in.

"We had a debate on the use of handphones. I picked out points from the NST for argument and rebuttal, and I cut out articles to support our stand."

He believes it was the NST articles that helped the team reach the semi-finals in the district-level debate competition.

He adds that the education pullouts that come with the newspaper are helpful in his revision for exams.

Thanks to NST’s Newspaper in Education programme, Siti Zakiah and Hamidi’s classmate at SMK Za’aba, Nurul Ashikin, says she has "learned how to use new words and phrases and discuss topics in English".

"It also helps me keep up with the latest development in science and technology."

The 17-year-old adds that many articles, especially on health issues like bird flu, have helped her with biology.

English teacher Rosreeta A. Razak says reading the NST has helped her students improve their English and their general knowledge.

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"Awwww...pity him. Why was he crying? Leave the young man alone. We love his greasy hair."

Well, well. In my maiden comment to the great Uncle Desi, I posed this question:
Is this NIE programme actually aimed at improving their English or as a propaganda tool for more brainwashing?

And he gave me the limelight the next day.

So, what would her 10 daily words be? Something like these?

* Nepotism

* Cronyism

* Corruption

* Machiavellian

* Toadying

* Hogwash

* Brainwash

* Indoctrinate

* Bloggers (beware)

* Witch-hunt

And to quote:

I picked out points from the NST for argument and rebuttal, and I cut out articles to support our stand

Let's see what would be the points picked up if there's a debate topic on the following:

Should a multi-million dollar loan given to a less-than-30 young man?

Go learn your Engrund now lar, Engrund vely teh impotent one.

Oh, and "Two legs bad, four legs good" ;-)

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