Sunday, August 27, 2006

'Sorry' Is The Hardest Word, Even More By NST

UPDATED: Even his 'hero' knows how to say sorry.


MCA's mouthpiece of course reported it-the sacred word.

Even Utusan Malaysia blasted the 'holy' word:

Hey, what about K&K's (KJ and Kali's) mouthpiece then?

You want a contest? Try finding the word 'sorry' or 'apology' in the article.

Contest? Wow, I'm surprised to see the word 'contest', considering it coming from a political eunuch.

Oh, why was he not there, at the assembly? Gombak pussified officiating a branch, it seems. Pussy.

Now, now, what about NST's another ilk sister paper, Berita Harian then? Wow, he wants to bring Singland to their knees and perform....ah, never mind. On another note, someone just did that in Kuching.

For those even believing buying NST to read about news and to improve their English, I don't know what more to say. You can learn all the vocabulary from them, but do not expect to learn the word 'sorry', as it doesn't exist in their dickshyunnary.

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