Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Weekly (Failed) ATM Robbery Affair

ZAM wouldn't want you to hear all these. The Sensintrovert brings you here.

25th July 2006


28th July 2006


5th August 2006


10th August 2006


16th August 2006


What's next? From weekly to daily affair, just like the deaths in Iraq or *insert any Middle East war-torn country*

I am really dumbfounded. Don't really know what to say anymore. The only thing I could say is:

Lu mau gaduh jambatan bengkok, lu punya pasai. Kita rakyat mau hidup selamat.

We haven't even seen a tiny little bit of the formation of IPCMC and they already 'biar jenayah naik'? Nope. Perhaps they are too busy chasing against those who defame the holy them.

Oh, I wonder if those who are so busybody jaga tepi kain orang lain, boycotting this and that, would even lift a finger in campaigning causes like these. Sweep your own backyard first before building a swimming pool.

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