Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yasmin Ahmad To Make May 13 Incident Movie

Breaking news! Yasmin Ahmad of the Sepet and Gubra fame announced that she will be making movie about the May 13 racial riots incident. From theSun pg. 25 Entertainment section:

Briefly, in the article, she mentioned that she will be making a film on the racial riots which took place on the 13th of May, 1969 and it will be called 'May 13'. It may cost RM 2 million and she is now looking for a financier for the project.

Bet that the censorship board will have have Yasmin Ahmad on their chopping board soon, eh?

For a background of why the Malay mainstream media (and a particular alternative media) hates Yasmin Ahmad and her films that much, head on to MyAsylum's post here and here.

After Berita Harian's Akmal Abdullah as the President of The Yasmin Ahmad et al. Hate Club (TYAHC), Utusan Malaysia is the latest to join the club. Not so much about the film though. But accusing one of her film's actress, who just won the Best Actress at the 19th Festival Filem Malaysia (FFM19) (Congrats!), for being a traitor of her own race. She allegedly 'felt imbeciled speaking Malay' (quote from the paper itself, not mine).

To make things worse, they have the support from Mr. Fashion and Language Police.

And apparently, there's an e-mail circulating around saying that Sharifah Amani is 'ashamed of the Malay language'. She had no choice but to make an open apology since.

Yes, talking about this 'mencemar budaya' thingy, with all due respect, what about our pop baby and her Big Daddy's wedding? All Cinderella-themed, eh? For all I know that Cinderella is not very 'budaya' for them also, considering its Chinese, French and English-tainted origins.

Cinderella wedding=penjunjung budaya, Yasmin Ahmad=pencemar budaya?

Talking about double-standards, eh?

Oh, in the article also, she mentioned that she was weeping everyday on set while filming Gubra after being labeled as a 'pencemar budaya'.

Dry your eyes mate. Your tears do not deserve these kind of people. You have my support.

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