Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Are Open Houses Superficial?

Discuss the following two quotes:

"The visitors included all races and this kind of open house shows that the various races in the country are united," he said in an interview with RTM.

He said such open house also helped foster closer relationship among the various races in the country and at the same time showed the world that Malaysia was a united nation despite the various races living here.


"I believe those who came are happy. Some told me keep on going with the good job. We will support you (they said). There are some who are happy and some not. People give me confidence...I like to meet the people," Abdullah added.


Here we come!!!

A hungry Malaysian is an ugly Malaysian?

As a bonus, here's a photo caption contest for you to try out. No, I don't have Chocolates to offer to you, but please attempt, will you?

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