Monday, October 23, 2006

Police State (or Lack Thereof)?

It was mentioned in the Most Awaited Reality Event of the Year (or not?):

DR MAHATHIR: We met for two hours. My intention was to convey all my doubts. I managed to express all that was in my heart. All of it. After 20 minutes, he touched on a bit, only a few things, including his son’s (Kamaluddin) and (his son-in-law) Khairy’s (Jamaluddin) involvement and my allegation that we have a police state.

I said each time I am invited, the police will question and intimidate the people. He said this was not true. He disagreed that we have a police state.

Police state? Or lack thereof?


Wrong priority for the police?

Aye-Pee-See-Emm-See, eh? Let's see this interview which sounds interestingly very familiar to all of us:

There wasn’t much else. For me, my intention was to convey my views, and we will wait and see if there will be changes or not. I brought up and explained the bridge issue but there were no comments from him. Many other issues I brought up were not touched on but he noted everything in his little black book. All the time I was talking he was jotting down. It was thick. I hope following this meeting there will be some kind of action.

Q: How did the Prime Minister react when you said you would continue criticising?

A: He didn’t say anything.

Q: How do you read that?

A: As far as I am concerned, if he doesn’t say anything, I will do it. Whether he says yes or no, I am going to continue. I am going to continue if I feel that something done is not beneficial to the country.

Q: Were a lot of the issues you raised answered?

A: No ... he didn’t answer much as there were two hours and I spoke for one-and-a-half hours. There was half an hour left and he touched on several issues and then he stopped, you see, so we went back.

Q: What was the tone of the meeting?

A: He listened.

Congratulations! We are officially captained by a Pak Tak Tahu, Pak Senyap (or Bisu?) and oh, Pak Catit-Buku-Hitam.

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