Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Temples and Churches Demolition, Mobs Disrupting Forum, Mat Skodeng, Are These The Malaysian Multi-Faith Ties You Want To Learn, John Prescott?

So this sleazy, adulterous, secretary-boinking John Prescott, wants to learn from Malaysia, eh? From Bernama:

To quote:

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who met his British counterpart John Prescott here Monday, said Britain, which also has a multi-religious population, is attracted to the concept of inter-faith dialogue practised by the Malaysian government.

Prescott, on a four-day visit to Malaysia, praised the Malaysian government-initiated inter-faith dialogue which he described as a "useful tool" in maintaining good relations among the multi-racial people.

'Interfaith dialogue'? What's that? I've never heard of it. Is your blood all concentrated in your dick that you can't think properly? There NEVER was and will be an interfaith dialogue in Malaysia. We're too sensitive and thin-skinned (as claimed by your BBC correspondent), you see? You discuss something 'sensitive', BAM! WHAM! 'Social contract', 'sensitive', 'princes-of-soil rights' and 'ISA' cards will be slammed directly to your face at instance!

Perhaps you have missed out reading your news agency's article before coming to your ex-colony, eh?

So, you want to learn the 'multi-faith ties' from us, eh? Hear, mate, I have some suggestions:

1. Demolish places of worship of the minorities. That will teach them a lesson and shut them up.

2. Impose strict dressing rules to all. And that includes your police force. For women, half a breast or at least the belly button must be bared and for men, crotch-grabbing jeans are a must.

ALL women should dress like your darling, Kiera Knightley.

3. Kissing, holding hands (and shagging) should be done openly, not under closed doors and especially not behind trees. Snoop squads are a must. Force 'em to kiss in public.

4. Put your geezers, hoodies and chavs into good use. Declare them as 'glory youths' and employ them as mobs to prevent those minorities from holding forums. It's 'too sensitive', you can claim.

5. THIS IS A MUST: Shout 'This is a secular country! You don't like it, you get the hell/f*ck out of the UK' in the House of Commons'.

There, don't say that I don't give you some fruitful suggestions. Try it at home today.

Oh, here's some information on this department-stripped-off DPM :

The latest:


His sex-scandals (Oh, in Malaysia, if a politician is caught in night-club raids, we just gag our mainstream media not to report it and if sex-scandals are involved, we just marry them and divorce the latter, you know, like...) here.

His timeline of problems this year here.

His redundancy in the UK cabinet here.

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