Sunday, October 29, 2006

Will UMNO Sack Mahathir?-The Sequel

UPDATED: It's official! They are now bringing it to the Supreme Council to plot against discuss about the sacking of Mahathir from his gomen posts.



Earlier in June, Husam Musa via Malaysiakini said that UMNO will sack Mahathir to prevent him from openly critisizing Pak Lah's Family Values the government. The Taiko had also blogged about it here.


Just look at the headlines in the Malay mainstream media today.

And most prominently, this:

[Source] or read its original English version here.

So, if I'm (or Uncle Desi) the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of a mainstream media, let's say, theSien, to carry my bosses' balls and to save my rice bowl, I would put a frontpage like this:

Uncanny resemblance to the New Straits Times and The Star is unintended.

Oh, here's Zakaria Mat Deros' contacts in case you want to ask him for tips on getting lands to build palaces and bungalows or simply if you want to add him to MySpace.

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