Friday, November 24, 2006

Altantuya, The Movie?

Wow, this is gonna be big! I'm not joking. From Bernama:

Meanwhile, Kaypohchee press, The Star, was singled out for 'not being professional in journalism'.

He said that his heart was broken when he saw indecent pictures of models, claimed to be Altantuya's, which were carried in a leading English newspaper here.

"For your information, I'm also a writer in Mongolia and I know the ethics of journalism. As a father, I felt it was unethical to publish those pictures just to make profit.

"Please try to be sincere in writing and ask your heart whether the story is true or not. Its simple, if you can put yourself into other people's pain, than you can understand better... be profesional in this journalism field," he blasted.

And this is the 'indecent pictures of models carried in a leading English newspaper':


Meanwhile, Mr. 'I Don't Want To Be The Future Prime Minister' (as claimed by wife) was freed on a RM 1 million bail.

It's big. It's big.

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