Thursday, November 23, 2006

Assembly, Assembly, In The Hall, Who Has The Biggest D*ck of 'Em All?

A very inspiring letter, from MKini:

Simian similarity of Umno Youth meet
Ravindran Mailvaganam
Nov 23, 06 5:22pm

Since I particularly dislike farcical comedies, I did not waste time watching the live telecast of the recent Umno annual general assembly. From what my friends tell me, it seems that the keris was unsheathed and minorities threatened with a bloodbath.

I am reminded of what naturalist and wildlife photographer, Sir David Attenborough said of some species of simians. During the mating season a larger than average male may display its genitals to other competing males, and invariably some timid males, beholding the size of the exhibitionist’s tool would quickly drop out of the potentially bloody struggle for the alpha male status.

A slightly improved version of this simian play has been practised by the natives of Papua New Guinea for centuries. The men would wear long tubular contraptions between their thighs to emphasise their manhood.

Often, some timid native, misled by the size of the tubular contraption of a larger male, would give him a wide berth although in reality the larger male may not be as vigorous as Cary Grant was in his senior years or even as amorous as Rudolph Valentino was in the 1920s.

For my part, I am forced to conclude that Umno Youth derived its keris-brandishing exhibitionism from the amorous chase and capture play of the simians or at least from the macho strutting of the natives of PNG.

If Umno Youth's attitude is representative of the Malays, then we have a case of base ingratitude. Fancy threatening the minorities with a bloodbath when they work so hard and pay most of the taxes.

Get this book here if you're interested.

Like what I said earlier,

Make sure you wave and kiss the right 'long, sharp, erect and pointed' thing, eh? ;)

Guess that I was true, eh?

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