Thursday, November 16, 2006

Farish Noor/Religious Freedom on BBC Radio 4

The world is watching and listening; yesterday- the Aussies and Yanks and today, the Brits:

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Farish Noor.

Issues covered include:

1. The Lina Joy apostasy.
2. The death threats.
3. The Syariah and Civil law clash/child custody.
4. Temples and churches demolitions.
5. The interview with the Fashion/Language/National Anthem/Culture Police.
6. The Central Market/school seggregation.
7. Inter-religion marriage/religious policing/child's religion dilemma.

He missed out the SMS hoax apostasy/khalwat marriage certificate thingy as I think the programme was recorded much earlier.

You can view/add some of the comments here.


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Life as a secret Christian convert

"If people know that I've converted to Christianity, they might take the law into their own hands. If they are not broadminded, they might take a stone and throw it at me."

Maria - not her real name - is a young Malaysian woman who has lived a secret and sometimes fearful life since she converted from Islam to Christianity.

Listen again to the half-an-hour programme here.

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