Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mongolian Model Murder: It's Him!

UPDATED: Disclaimer-The title "It's Him!" applies to the relevation of the name of the 'high-profile political analyst' everyone was guessing. It does not apply to say that the accussed is already guilty. Thank you.

First, Taiko mischeviously gave a *nudge*nudge*wink*wink*

Then, not to land himself in another hot soup again, he deleted several speculations in the comments he got:

[ DELETED - Wild innuendos against an individual. ]

In fact, after that, his kamcheng Aisehman kept us guessing on who had been a prick forgetting to wrap his d*ck with a thing like Pronto.

JK of Beebs also reported on it, with the name included:

The government's news agency, offered us the name but gave us a very poor quality CCTV-like capture and his name was not mentioned explicitly in any of its reported news.


Berita Harian
(and the NSTP group, assumingly), supposedly purchased the photo from Bernama and censored his photo too...

NST had the WORST quality photo (similar to the CNN's one), with absolutely no mentioning of his name at all.

And so did theSun and other Chinese mainstream press, from what I heard...

Meanwhile, Utusan Malaysia put a full frontal glory...

And so did The Star...

Amazing how discrepant the MSM is, innit?

Which MSM would you buy? Or none at all? Then, would you considering buying my theSien instead? ;)

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