Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Mr. (Ex) PM, Who Do You Want As Your (Successor's) Successor?"

The original "Mr. PM, Who Do You Want As Your Successor?" here.

Anyone else but not AAB?

QUESTION: You mentioned as a possible successor to him [former finance minister] Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah?

ANSWER: Whether it is Tengku Razaleigh or Najib [Tun Razak, the current deputy prime minister] or whoever, they are all entitled... When I was asked this question, Tengku Razaleigh's name cropped up. I said, 'Well of course, he is just as eligible as anybody else.' I could not say, 'he cannot be.' It is up to the party to make a choice.

QUESTION: What about Najib?

ANSWER: Najib is just as good... Either one. There are others who are also in the running.

QUESTION: Such as...

ANSWER: Muhyiddin Yasin [industry minister] has been mentioned and he has ambition...


QUESTION: Do you still rule out [former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim] as a possible prime minister in the future?

ANSWER: I have my opinion about him, about his suitability, but of course others may have other opinions. As far as I am concerned he has lost his opportunity...

QUESTION: And Malaysia would be worse off if he were prime minister?

ANSWER: Probably.


The first one? Who is the first one? Razalei...who?

The second one is kinda scary to think about it. Skali want to soak people's blood (not to be confused with a tampon), how?

The third? Ah, RUBBISH!

The fourth? Desi would like him. Not sure about many others.

Are we so doomed?

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