Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Mr. PM, Who Do You Want As Your Successor?"

Opposition Leader: Mr. PM, who do you want as your successor?

Speaker: Or-order. Well, I-I'm giving a ruling here and it's an important point. Order.

It's about business of the government. Who will be the next leader of *** is for the *** to talk about and decide. (Uproar)

Order. Order. Order. Or-order. Order. Or-order. Order. I-I'm giving the ruling.

Mr. PM: Well, I was simply going to say that a record - I am about to answer, I am about to answer, I am about to answer...

If you think the above scenario was in Malaysia, sorry to disappoint you. It just happened in the House of Commons in the UK. Read the full transcript here. More info also here.

Will it ever happen in Malaysia, one might think. It might be a good question to ask but I guess the only time the PM attends the Animal House is during the Budget Speech.

Photo for portrayal purposes only. Not exactly what he did in Animal House. Picture source here and here.

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