Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pathetic, Projectile Vomiting-Inducing Damage Control By MCA (and The Star)

Warning: Viewing of the following news and links given may cause severe bulimia. Proceed with caution.

Need I say more?

[Source], also read a step-by-step rebuttal by Good Ol' KTemoc.

This is the manja journalist who 'secured' the interview with Hisham, who had also failed to ask whether he had learnt the waving trick from his cousin.

Photo caption reads: STANDING BY HIS GESTURE: Hishammuddin who brandished the keris at the recent Umno general assembly (inset) says : ‘What is it about the keris that makes people so uncomfortable? It is the symbol of Malay culture’.

I only realised that besides Gatsby, the gesture bears an uncanny resemblance with Thundercats. [Pic source]

[Source], also read more from Lulu.

Oh, to give them credit, they care about MIC also:


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