Friday, November 03, 2006

'Punished' For Embracing Bloggers?

* Bloggers in this context refer to those being 'independent', not being hoodwinked affiliated with the press of discussion today or not having conflict of interest (particularly with GLCs).

If you happen to read JK's piece and the 'threat' (which surprisingly did not appear in their online edition on Friday but in its print instead) again, alleged 'lyings' aside, one could not help but notice that the press was punishing JK for embracing the bloggers, particularly The Taiko here.

Brendan Pereira's recent column has quickly become the target of internet commentators who urged him to quit.

Local websites
have placed his column alongside another by the award-winning Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press.

The similarities were striking. Whole paragraphs in Mr Pereira's work mirrored Mr Albom's earlier piece.

It has been a clash between the old and new media about the basic standards of the profession.

On Tuesday, local websites placed the column alongside another by Mr Albom.

See? JK is clearly embracing the Malaysian blogosphere in the midst of the 'Bloggers beware' climate nowadays.

The New Straits Times is owned by the political party of the prime minister.

Malaysia's broadcasters and newspapers are closely controlled by the government and no mention of the scandal has appeared in print.

However, the government has promised not to censor the internet and it appears that Malaysia's online watchdogs have claimed their first major scalp.

He clearly acknowledges 'the power of the bloggers', in which his native country and other developed countries are doing now. Instead, the Press here is trying to come out with their ingenious plan of absorbing you-know-who into their you-know-which blog-group, while trying to shut those who badmouth them by ignoring the plagiarism allegation but instead, coming out with a spin, saying that the letting-off has nothing to with the plagiarism row.

I'd say, "Bring 'em on!"

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