Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Roti Canai, Teh Tarik, Batu Seremban, Gasing, Kain Batik

...the government could not afford to spend more than it earned, that was, to maintain a large deficit budget in the long term.

'Could not afford to spend more than it earned'. Nevermind. Still send Bolehnauts Bodohnauts to space stones.


Batu seremban...

Kain batik...

B&W pictures intended to mourn at this ridiculity.

"The main objective of sending an astronaut into orbit is to carry out scientific experiments under microgravity - a situation alien to the earth. As such the National Aerospace Agency has opened doors to our scientists to show their mettle and capabilities through the National Astronaut Programme," said Rohani.

She said the outcome of the experiments would be studied on earth with the hope that it would unravel the mysteries in science, education and medicine.


Oh, the 'newsreader trying to announce that a tidal wave had hit some place called Kuala Lumpur but couldn't pronounce the city's name and so made up one, as if no-one cared anyway' is Kent Brockman.

"This just in. A tidal wave had hit some place in Asia called..erh..Ku...Lu...Bodohland?"

I remembered another Simpsons episode where Principal Skinner's mother objected his son's wedding and tried to get him a 'Malaysian transvestite' instead. Guess that we are really famous in The Simpsons, eh?

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