Monday, November 13, 2006

The 'Sexy' Man And His <3

Some very interesting material from MKini today:

The Sexy Man:

Oh yes, Dr M is handsome

Nov 13, 06 1:22pm

Readers respond to Hey good looking, get lost!

I HAVE to agree with you - Dr Mahathir Mohamad, I must say, is one of our better looking politicians. Yes, he in indeed handsome.

I suppose his Indian mixed-blood descent has something to do with it. Although he is from a state once as rural as Kedah, he does not look like your typical kampung Pak Cik. You know, the typical sarong clad, toothless and almost always bald old man in the kampung. Oh, I really cannot imagine our former prime minister looking like a kampung Pak Cik.

Dr Mahathir looks dashing also because he has the height. I believe he stands around 5ft 9in, give or take an inch. That’s quite a good height for an Asian and perhaps above average for a Malaysian.

I think it’s important for a national leader to be tall - height does give one a certain stature. Imagine President Bill Clinton standing next to Deng Xiao Ping or Goh Chok Tong with President Gloria Arroyo. It’s not my intention to ridicule short people but I’m merely saying it helps being of some height when you are constantly in the international spotlight. Dr Mahathir is able to shine in the international arena because of his intellect plus good looks and stature. This also enables him to project a certain personality - one that is dignified and respected.

I suppose being a medical doctor, Dr Mahathir knows how to look after himself better than most of us. At 81, just look at his lean, trimmed figure - many of us who are younger should be ashamed.

Look at his hairline too - although the hair may be thinning, the receding hairline is not obvious and there are no bald patches. Now, Mukhriz Mahathir must be wondering why he did not take after his father as far as the hairline is concerned.

Talking of the head and hairline, you have forgotten to add MIC president S Samy Vellu as among those who are considered good looking besides S Subramaniam, Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir and M Kayveas.

Seriously, the ‘original’ Samy Vellu in his 40's with his receding hairline looked better - know what I mean! Sometimes, a man does not need to go ‘artificial’ when there’s no need to. Hey, someone once said that Syed Hamid Albar looks good too with whatever’s left on his pate. So there you go.

Dr Mahathir is also a neat and tidy person. We can always see him clean shaven. Most Malay or Indian politicians spot either a moustache, beard or goatee. It’s okay if that extra growth suit your facial appearance. It’s ugly when it doesn’t. As for Mahathir, I cannot imagine him with a moustache or a beard. But he looked good with his side-burns in his younger days (photo above).

The man also dresses well. Says a lot for his good wife, Dr Siti Hasmah. I particularly like to see him in his Nehru collar suits. He looks almost immaculate.

I have much respect for our former premier not only because he is good looking and is disciplined about his health. He is indeed a great man.

I think many of us can look back at what he had contributed to our nation and appreciate him, perhaps more now that he is unwell.

He has his own style of doing things and there may be times we do not understand him. Nevertheless, history will record his achievements for posterity.

Finally, please allow me to send my best wishes to Dr Mahathir for a speedy and complete recovery. - MN Mansor

Side note: Mao Zedong and Adolf Hitler were once considered as sex symbols...

And his <3...


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