Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Squatgate Scandal/Hemy Hamisa Featured In Washington Post

Still remember Squatgate? Yeah, almost a year already since its 'release', it is featured in the Washington Post today.


Amateur Videos Are Putting Official Abuse in New Light

By Mary Jordan
Washington Post Foreign Service
Wednesday, November 15, 2006; Page A01

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- "Do your squat! Do your squat!" the policewoman barked. "Arms up!"

The 22-year-old babysitter, Hemy Hamisa Abu Hassan Saari, had already been forced to strip naked. Now she was being ordered to squat up and down, over and over, keeping her elbows away from her body and holding her earlobes.

"I cried. I was scared. I was ashamed," Hemy said in an interview, recalling what had happened on the night of June 29, 2005. She had just been arrested for drug possession. She had no drugs, her attorney said, but police found some on a friend of her fiance. Police arrested the whole group anyway.

"Do I really have to do this?" Hemy, who had never been arrested before, pleaded with the female officer standing in front of her in a tiny police station locker room.

She said her head was pounding from the humiliation and she feared what might come next. But what was happening at that moment changed her life: A male officer was secretly holding his cellphone and its tiny camera between the bars on the window, making a video clip that would ultimately expose more than Hemy's nakedness.

The clip began circulating phone to phone, e-mail to e-mail. Eventually it was posted on YouTube and other Internet sites, to be viewed by millions. What started as cheap voyeurism escalated into an unstoppable cyberspace phenomenon, which forced the prime minister to establish an official inquiry that led to changes in police practice. The episode also underscored the growing power of amateur video, shot on cellphones and ever-tinier digital cameras, to hold the powerful to account.

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And here's the video of her suing the gomen for RM 10 million, by The Star, posted on Youtube by...erhmm...this blogger.

The 'historic' video is still here.

Aye Pee See Emm See, what? 100% Bumi equity lar, important!!!

The world is Googling for 'Hemi Hamisa Abu Hassan Saari' besides the 'khalwat marriage certificate' thingy. Now, Visit Which Country Year 2007, again?

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