Monday, November 20, 2006

When "Will It Boil Down To Them vs Us", Someone Becomes The Opportunist

For pretext: "Will It Boil Down To 'Them vs Us?", read here.

No, not PAS.

No, not DAP.

Try again.

No, not PKR/keADILan.

Then, who else?

Oh, the pariah 'rejected' one.

The Non-Malay/Muslim BN component parties were not 'compliant' at first. But they left him out.

King Sabo

Humpty Dumpty Ahne (Big Brother) doesn't even give a f**k to him.

He tried to gain some attention by monkeying around the Rumah Barlimen:

In the verge towards 'tutup kedai'...

Now the rest have learnt to be 'compliant'.



But he was left out again. Awww...

So, what to do? Desperate lah, beh tahan liao! 'Dump the rest' and try to suck on the 'a little bit disappointed with the remarks' party.

Read more from The Star.

To give him some credit, at least he was right about the 'racist parties':

All hail to King Kayveas!

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