Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Angksawan™ Blog: 4 Months, 5 Posts, Something Very 'Angkasa' About This Blog

I got this pointer about our Bo_ _ hnauts blogging from The Malaysian, and also earlier (a more convincing) parody by Lulu.

So I took the trouble of clicking the link given by The Malaysian and I was disappointed. It was just a website after all (people don't really how to differentiate between blogs and websites nowadays, you know-not The Malaysian's fault by Bernama's fault). It is also so full of flash contents that my computer hang just now and I had to retype this post.

Nevertheless, my face lit up when I saw the part on the scientific experiments only to be disappointed to find out that it is just C&P stuff again, without any real concrete experiments.

But after much perusing, I finally managed to find the blog after all. Yup, just as mentioned in the title, just 5 posts for the past 4 months. Looks like the Angkasa (which rhymes with Raksasa) blog is a serious contender to those lazy busy celeb/femes bloggers!

Here's a very interesting excerpt from the blog:

Cold, alone, far away from home from spouses, marriage delayed, 'needs'...My mind is already running wild!

Try to visit their blog to pose them a very good question like "Are you enjoying with the money which could have made us lessen our burden such as the toll rates, petrol, etc.". See if it gets through. You'll never know. Sometimes racist articles even get posted on the PM's late wife condolences website for months and nobody will even notice it!

Oh, in case you haven't noticed it, the chest-thumping about sending off the Bo_ _ hnaut to the space on the 50th Merdeka celebration is a farce after all. It has been postponed to the 6th of October.

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