Monday, December 04, 2006

Guess Who Is The Hero?

To appeal to the masses, this post is dedicated to all the children out there.

Hello kids! Remember me, The Sensintrovert? How's your school holidays? Have you been naughty waving weapons in general assemblies at your friends? If yes, shame on you! Now, now, let me tell you a story. Please hold your tears till the end of the story.

Once upon a time, there was a loving couple. The husband loved his wife very much. Then, they made love stocks brought lovely children to their family. The have a very loving son and daughter. Sadly, the wife passed away. So, a book was dedicated to her, even after more than a year later. But the whole family couldn't get over her. The husband couldn't. The son couldn't. The daughter couldn't. They couldn't pen something to commemorate her in the book. But wait a minute! Someone helped write something. Guess who the hero was? Read here to find out more.

And here's another activity for you kids (and adults alike) out there to keep you occupied.

Spot the odd one. (If none, please say so).

And here are some lovely, heartwarming photos, solely for decorative purposes only. Not related to the story above at all (unless you think otherwise).

To be fair for adults, you can read more about the great 'family affair' here if you're interested.

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