Friday, December 08, 2006

Howsy's Yuletide Movie Review: Titanic Meets Charlie's Angels in The Holiday

As usual when the festive season is near, loads of those lovey-dovey, sugar-coated, 'heart-warming', feel-good movies hoard up the cinemas. This year alone, cartoon flicks aside, we have an A-list cast, The Holiday, kiddie-flicks like Santa Clause 3 and Deck the Halls and a more serious one, The Nativity Story so far.

Given the list above, what would be the obvious choice to treat yourself for a feel-good, heartwarming experience in this cold winter? The Holiday, of course! It opens in the UK yesterday and managed to catch what Cameron D is worth it besides the over-hyped relationship with Mr. Sexyban Sexyback.

Warning: Negligible plot spoilers ahead.

As usual, here's the movie poster:

The synospsis:

Despite being separated by the Atlantic Ocean, Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and Iris (Kate Winslet) share the same dilemma: they've both been disappointed by their significant others, Ethan (Edward Burns) and Jasper (Rufus Sewell), and are now facing a dull Christmas in isolation.

After they meet online, however, they decide to join forces and give each other a hand. They will swap houses and lives for the holidays, hoping new experiences will result in less glum holiday depression. Amanda, a Los Angeles resident, will stay at Iris' home in rural England and Iris will live in Amanda's home in the States. While on holiday, each meets a new lover: Amanda falls for dashing Graham (Jude Law), while Iris finds herself attracted to quirky Miles (Jack Black). But where does the magic of the holiday end and the reality of real life begin?

And the trailer:

The synopsis above is pretty much self-explanatory so I won't be talking much in the review here. In 4 words, I would describe the film as:

Cross-Atlantic House-swapping Chick Flick.

And here are some stills from the film:

A mansion in LA...

...swapped with a cottage house in Surrey, England...

Jude Law being his philandering self (as seen in another recent film, Anthony Mighella's Breaking and Entering-which I didn't bother to review as it was somehow tad ridiculuous) with another philandering partner, Cameron Diaz...

The oddest couple ever, Kate Winslet and Jack Black (similar to Gwenny and him, who were a slightly better couple in Shallow Hal)...

And also the obligatory geriatric, a Nancy Myer's obsession (besides Something's Gotta Give, which was far more a better film)...

Overall, I would rate the film as 4/10. If it is shown in Malaysia, give it a go but don't expect too much from the film.

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