Monday, December 04, 2006

Japanese Health Ministers Start Diet Blog, How About Our Meaty Minister?

While our minister can bark and harp as long as he wants about blog ethics, our 'look-east' counterpart has embraced blogging, by starting a diet blog, with photographs included! From Beebs:


More photos, taken from their official website or 'blog' (in Yapuni though):

Despite being one of the least obesed nations in the world, this initiative should be applauded.


Now, where does our beloved land stand?


Can you suggest a few candidates of our ministers to start a diet blog? You know, some of them are really obese literally and figuratively.

And here's cartoon if you're not so interested in obesity:


p.s. You know who the infamous 'meaty' minister that we're talking about, don't you?

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