Monday, December 18, 2006

Malaysia's Microgravity Experiments in Space: Nothing Novel About It

Sorry if this came in a bit late.

So you saw it on the front page and thought that we all will have a sigh of relief and the space mission will be worth it after all, eh?

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Well, nothing to be surprised about actually. We already heard about the flip-flop-f*ck since last September; just that some smart-ass Parliament Secretary didn't sleep with her boss do her homework by double-checking with her boss and had a verbal diarrheoa in Parliament, confusing us all.

What is something fresh and much anticipated this time is the list of experiments being finally revealed:

And this is what the Jarjis fella claimed:

“The Americans do experiments for their own industries and they do not share their findings. It is the same with the Russians or Japanese; they will not share. This is why it is important for our Angkasawan to carry out these tests,” he said.

And he/The Star believed that he/they could lie to us by saying this:

Unlike other countries that have to pay the Russians to send their astronauts to space, the entire programme is borne by the Russians.

Yeah, our country is the most powderful country in the world, can go flee of charge wan!

Something novel about the experiments? A simple search in Pubmed on 'microgravity cells' or 'microgravity microbes' came out with very interesting results. I let these screenshots and attached links speak for themselves and you'll be the judge.



[Abstract here]

Read the FREE full text here.

Two big questions:
Who is going to pay for the use NASA's centrifuges and bioreactors?
Is the single bugger chap trained to do all those experiments?

Because as far as I know, the 'main batu' space trip only covers for the barter of the Sukhoi fighterplanes with Russia...

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