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To Borrow The Tagline from 'My Name Is Earl', Karma Is A Funny Thing Indeed

I'm in the mood for some C&P on New Year's Eve.

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My name is....?

Jeff is being cheeky while Aisehman is wondering. Lulu said that someone is 'satisfied with the service'. Shadowfox left us with no guessing.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Ultimate Charming Charmin Toilet Experience at Times Square New York City

Think you need hundred-thousand-ringgit toilets to impress tourists?

Well, the best things in life are free in the greatest city in the world! Presenting...a toilet post by Howsy...The Ultimate NYC Charming Charmin Toilet Experience at Times Square

Hell, it's a whole building of toilets! There's even escalators leading to them. I was actually quite reluctant to go in at first, thinking that I had to pay premium fees for premium toilets. But what the heck, decided to give it a try and if it was really expensive, I could just back down at the last minute.

Went there twice. The queue was okay at the first time....

Did you see that chaperone? Yup, there had chaperones to guide you to the toilets! And they are funny too!

What's next after 'doing you business'? You get to vote! You are either a STRONG or a SOFT supporter. Hmmm....

Tourists and visitors can even put their kids in the limelight on stage to do a little bit of dance and photo-op!

Need more? You could even be a fan of the toilet paper brand by purchasing some of their merchandise at the store there!

Now, now. How does the toilet look like? Well, this is a disabled one which I used. Hey, the chaperone directed me to there. And I don't see anyone being offended.

You could use the toilet as long as you want, whether it is for a 'small' or a 'big' business, or a you-know-what. But be considerate to the people waiting in the line. ;-)

They also did a survey with tourists around the world called 'Flush-o-Meter' - either they are STRONG or SOFT supporters.

And here are 3 videos that I took at the restrooms.

The first one, me 'doing business'...

The second one: What you could do after 'doing your business'...

The third one: The theme song for the toilets!

Want to know more about the toilets? Visit their website here. Or read about it in the news.

A brilliant marketing tool by P&G, I would say. Now, it seriously makes me want to buy their toilet rolls. Yes, our relationship is going to last so longgggggg when we're dancing cheek to cheek....

p.s. Don't worry. The PPS ping title is just a joke.

[2007 Flashback] Wow, What A Year For Malaysian Bloggers! (Part 2)


The Sensintrovert Classifieds Latest Job Openings - Please Apply Within Now!

Oh, forgot to add. 80% unemployed and lying females are strongly encouraged to apply. :-)


The Police Report Against RPK/Malaysia Today: Was The 'Seditious' Comment Planted?

UPDATED: Here's my solidarity message to RPK.

Photo credits here and here.

Okay, this may come in a lil' bit late. That is because I'm gathering information and making analysis, you impatients!

The latest - from IHT. Also from Bernama. And theSun.


To quote:

"I'll fight back on the Internet," Raja Petra told The Associated Press.

Well, he fought back with his latest post here.(Intermittent connection error is expected as his blog is swamped with traffic now)


The only online MSM reporting it so far. Bernama has not reported it. Yet. [Source]

And it's in the main story in the news:

Look at the crowd to make one police report!

The 'seditious' comment was read out loud in English. Looks like someone's been taking some English lessons, after claiming that he understood little English and therefore couldn't read the warnings at the immigration. He was being detained (but later acquitted) for failing to declare almost $1 million at the Brisbane airport in 1997.

Also, as seen on the Chinese news edition:

UPDATED: The examples of the 'seditious' comments are given in the UMNO Online website. Mat Taib gave the example of the 'seditious' comments on something about some commenter wanting to show his/her gluteus maximus to the King for not taking action on something. There are like gazillions of comments in RPK's blog, so I won't bother trailing the comments to find which post was it. Plus, the blog is under "Error message: "Could not connect to MySQL database" intermittent mode, and it could have been deleted already.

Malaysia cracks down on bloggers

Raja Petra Kamarudin (Image: Malaysiakini)
Raja Petra Kamarudin is the editor of a popular political website

The Malaysian government has warned it could use tough anti-terrorism laws against bloggers who insult Islam or the country's king.

The move comes as one of Malaysia's leading online commentators has been questioned by police following a complaint by the main governing party.

The new rules would allow a suspect to be detained indefinitely, without being charged or put on trial.

But officials insist the law is not intended to strangle internet freedom.

Online critics

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak told The Straits Times that the move was aimed at getting some moderation in postings on the internet, especially on sensitive issues: "Some people feel that they have crossed the line, in making racist remarks," he said.

But the BBC's Jonathan Kent in Kuala Lumpur says the government also appears increasingly concerned about the growing online criticism of its record.

Raja Petra Kamarudin, the editor of one of Malaysia's most popular political websites, Malaysia Today, turned himself in to police on Wednesday, to answer allegations that he had mocked Islam and threatened racial harmony.

The King of Malaysia, Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin (June 2007)
Bloggers who insult the king could be subject to anti-terror laws

Raja Petra is known for his frequent criticism of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and other government figures.

"I was alleged to have insulted the king, and also Islam and incite racial hatred, so I am going in there to reply to all these charges. I promise I'm going to give them a hell of a tough time," he told the BBC before he turned himself in.

He defended his website, saying: "Many people, especially the non-Malays in this country, do not have a forum to air their views."

"We should not deny these people a chance to vent their feelings," he said.

Malaysia Today is believed to attract around a quarter of a million visitors a day, giving it more readers than most Malaysian newspapers.

The BBC's correspondent says that with a general election on the horizon, the government seems keen to send a signal to its online critics that it will only tolerate so much.

KJ: "Bloggers Macam Monyet"

Continuing the 'echo chamber' list by MageP is who else, if not the world's famous SIL:

"There are no laws in the cyberworld except for the law of the jungle. As such, action must be taken so that the "monkeys" behave," he told reporters after opening the Papar, Kimanis and Sipitang Umno Youth annual delegates conference here today.

Now, here's the interesting part on why he had not taken any action against his Chronicles:

He said this when asked about Malaysia-Today webmaster Raja Petra Kamaruddin being called by the police for alleged seditious comments posted on it.

Khairy added that he too had been slandered on websites but had yet to take legal action because the case might take a long time to be settled.

JO Masuk Roket?

Dah sah! Signs are so bloody obvious.

Make a date on Tuesday. And also the poll booth. Coming soon to a town near you.

After 'Professional/Non-professional', ZAM Has A New Label For Political Bloggers - 'Goblok' (B. Indonesia For Tolol/ Stupid)

UPDATED 6th August: He just couldn't make up his mind, could he? What a cuckoo!



Since when did we appoint him to be our blog labeler?


For all I know, as much as people hate labels, socio-political bloggers are commonly known as So-Po. There's even a directory dedicated for them.

Here's what goblok means.

The last time the 'goblok' term was used, Taiko used it to describe the toll-ol cash cow.

Earlier in May, he wants to classify bloggers as pro and non-pro:


Then he said nobody reads or gives a damn to blogs and bloggers memang syiok sendiri:


Scan by Doc Mave.

Just a few days back, he wants Malaysians to 'maintain openness'. But he is against cyber-dissidents today.


Awww....poor thing. He's totally clueless, ain't he?

Memang goblok pun.


And today : Screenshots vs. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

MCA's Staged Negarakuku Apology Sandiwara Not Appreciated By Cabinet

Wah, front pages on almost all the Chinese vernacular papers. And on the mouthpiece's website:

More Than Just Karaoke Singers...

Yesterday was officially declared as the Single Most Celebrities Seen In A Day(TM) by me. Here's what happened, amongst others:

Guitar strumming...

Poetry rendition...

Voice that could melt the heart of chicks...

OMG! A singing lecturer?

Harris Potter and The True Blood Princes and Princesses...

More lawyers! Gasp!

A CD as a souvenier...

No extravagant flag waving, keris kissing and brandishing. Just a reflection on how far we have come...


Rocky's Bru Faces Fresh NaSTy Allegations - For 'Interference of Justice'

You think it's over? Not yet.

Blogger faces contempt proceedings

KUALA LUMPUR: The New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd, and three others, have applied to the High Court for leave to initiate committal proceedings against blogger Ahirudin Attan.

They claimed Ahirudin had allegedly committed contempt of court, as he had breached an undertaking that he had given to the court on Jan 29.

NSTP and Ahiruddin had, on that date, agreed not to publish any articles, comments or posts, regarding the present dispute which may be regarded as sub-judice.

The ex-parte notice of originating motion, filed by NSTP, stated that Ahirudin had published six new articles between May 18 and July 8, which were considered sub-judice.

It also stated that Ahirudin had maintained a hyperlink to a blog Walk With Us which also contained sub-judice articles.

NSTP's counsel, Rishwant Singh, submitted that the new articles and hyperlink were in breach of Ahirudin's undertaking not to publish further articles.

"These six articles clearly repeat the matters that are in dispute in the claim," he said.

Rishwant also submitted that the publication of words in the article or in the hyperlink weblog amounted to an interference of justice by Ahirudin.

On the hyperlink, the counsel said it should be considered as an equal publication under the law.

Judge Datuk Mohd Hishammudin Mohd Yunus fixed Oct 19 to deliver his decision.

If the application is granted, then committal proceedings would commence against Ahirudin.

The NSTP, its deputy chairman, chief executive officer and Brendan Pereira filed the suit in January, among others, requiring Ahirudin to remove certain articles from his blog and restraining him from publishing more articles defamatory of the plaintiffs.

The suit, filed on Jan 4, is in relation to certain articles and posts published, or permitted to be published, by Ahirudin on his weblog.

It is part of the plaintiffs' case that these articles refer to them and are defamatory.


16-year-old Blogger In Trouble...Not For Blogging on Socio-Politics

Hmmm...this is something fresh, just when you think only the likes of Jeff Ooi/Rocky/RPK/Natty will get into trouble.

Student blogger in trouble


KLANG: A young blogger caused a storm in her school after she wrote that some fellow students had exchanged notes during a recent examination.

The Form Four girl said the copycats were unfair to others, adding that those who cheated eventually scored high marks while those who did not, got low grades.

She further claimed that the teachers who knew what was going on during the examination deliberately ignored the incident.

Her grouses prompted the school authorities to order her to remove her entry in the blog.

A schoolmate of the 16-year-old girl said she broke down and felt she had been victimised merely because she wanted justice to prevail.

The friend said the blogger had named the alleged copycat students and the teachers, and this had probably upset the school authorities.

It is learnt that the matter came to light when the named students told their parents about the blog entry.

The parents then went to the school, demanding action against the young blogger.

“The school authorities called her up for questioning and asked her to remove the entry in front of them.

“They told her what she did would damage the image of the school and the students,” said the girl’s friend.

The school’s senior assistant, Adilayah Ramli, said they did not mean to punish the young blogger or victimise her.

“We asked her to remove the entry from the blog as it was slanderous and damaging to the teachers and students who were named.

“She is a good student and she scored straight As in her PMR exam last year. We understand her frustration,” Adilayah said, adding that the postings were mere allegations.

However, she said the school was investigating the girl’s claims and would seek an explanation from those named in the blog.

“We want to know their side of the story before resorting to any action.”

Malaysia is 124/169 of the just released Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2007

Sorry, this time Malaysia is better than Singapore (141st) and Ghana (29th) is wayyyyyyy better than Malaysia.

On bloggers:

Government repression no longer ignores bloggers

The Internet is occupying more and more space in the breakdown of press freedom violations. Several countries fell in the ranking this year because of serious, repeated violations of the free flow of online news and information.

In Malaysia (124th), Thailand (135th), Vietnam (162nd) and Egypt (146th), for example, bloggers were arrested and news websites were closed or made inaccessible. “We are concerned about the increase in cases of online censorship,” Reporters Without Borders said. “More and more governments have realised that the Internet can play a key role in the fight for democracy and they are establishing new methods of censoring it. The governments of repressive countries are now targeting bloggers and online journalists as forcefully as journalists in the traditional media.”

At least 64 persons are currently imprisoned worldwide because of what they posted on the Internet. China maintains its leadership in this form of repression, with a total of 50 cyber-dissidents in prison. Eight are being held in Vietnam. A young man known as Kareem Amer was sentenced to four years in prison in Egypt for blog posts criticising the president and Islamist control of the country’s universities.