Thursday, January 04, 2007

Easyjet Denies MAN-KUL Budget Flight

2nd Update: It's not just Liverpool Echo who has reported on it. Just Google News for 'easyjet' and you'll see plenty of the news on the denial, which was suprisingly (or purposely?) left out by the mainstream media (MSM).

It was even reported by Beebs and Reuters:


UPDATED: Alrite, green light is given, so what? Is The Star the greatest liar on earth? Read the news below and you'll know.



So you thought that this is a great piece of news to usher in the new year, eh?


Especially for those Red Devil fans. Even travel associations were all pretty hyped out.

Well, you've been January-fooled (yes, that's a day created by Bo_ _ hland), suckers! Easyjet has denied it!


Looks like we've been suffering from yet another severe syiok-sendiri syndrome (or wankers, some would label us)! Don't believe me? Well, look at the Brickendon-whatever sports complex. Tepuk dada kata mau bina, bina tapi the local council said will be detrimental to the environment or whatever. Buat malu je! (Such an embarassment!)

I was a bit sceptical when my parents told me that there would be such a flight. But I was wondering, Malaysia is not Thailand. Guess that my sceptism is founded after all. Not to be pessimistic or what, but what Malaysia has to offer that the European-based budget airline who wouldn't even fly to Russia (which part of it is in Europe) would be too happy to join us for the venture? To quote:

Spokesman Toby Nicol said: "We are in talks with absolutely no-one. Someone in Malaysia has had an idea for an airline and has not spoken to us about it."

He insisted: "We are not in talks and we are not planning any talks with anyone and, if we are approached, we will probably say thanks but we are not interested," he insisted.

Buat malu je!

Or maybe I'm wrong. You know, we have many Anglophilic ministers who would fly so frequent to the UK for those so-called 'lawatan sambil belajars'. But no! I'm right again! They wouldn't want to fly via budget airlines, do they, those posh ministers?

Check out their destinations and you'll know what I mean.

Oh, this is the Liverpool John Lennon Airport they are talking about if you're interested:

Named after, er...John Lennon:

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