Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Malaysia's Economy Has Been/Is Turning Into BN's Personal Bank Account!

*BN reads as UMNO.

Forget about the 22 years. Forget about last year. Let us start the new year afresh, but only later to find out all these latest two...

The Goose with Golden Eggs Toll Agreement


RM600 million goodies...


Now, you must be wondering if all these money (from taxpayer's money and oil) has gone into BN's own personal bank account, where do we get money for our development then? Here...



More news, views and analysis from Jeff, Kit and KTemoc.

But hold the C4 explosives guns! Didn't the predecessor said that 'the government is rich and has money to spend'?

So our nation's economy is turning into BN's personal bank account, our country-their bungalow and our press-their fun magazine? Media Prima (and the not-yet-completed oatmeal merger), The Star, Vincent Tan are not enough; he needs to have this...


But of all, I have this man to salute. He can beat Forest Whitaker anytime in winning the Best Actor in the Oscars for his role as The Last Last King of Scotelangor.


Where is our beloved country heading to now?

* The title of this post was inspired by my favourite quote by Gillian Anderson in her role in The Last King of Scotland.

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