Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Malaysia's GLCs: Proxies for 'National Service', Blurring Equity Stats and Leasing Luxurious Jets

'National service'

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Blurring Equity Stats...

From Mave:

They argued that GLCs stakes belongs to the government, not just the Bumis.

But government statistics clearly defines the Bumis stake. Why not call it: Malaysians' stake; why differentiate it by race if they are not to be counted.

THis figures are non-exhaustive and published in 2004. By 2006, Khazanah had increase their stakes in more corporations.

It wasn't based on par value; it was market capitalisation. But now, they said it's par value. Why? Because ... justification of a wrong.

"GLCs stakes belongs to the government, not just the Bumis"?

Leasing Luxurious Jets


Got problem? Never mind. Bailouts...

Image from Malaysiakini.

Series of pictures reposted from its original post here.

What else?

Jahanamlah rakyat untuk GLC.

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