Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A p and A Flower

The Little Red Dot has the Father of p53 (and perhaps a future Nobel Prize winner? Not that the country is short of one now...)

Read the full article here.

Check out also David Lane's profile here.

While we are still fondling caressing a flower...


...and research are published through the state-controlled media.

To quote:

IPPT (Clinical Services) Deputy Director, Dr Narazah Mohd Yusoff said the discovery prompted the team to test the Periwinkle flower extracts on animals.

"If our tests on animals proved effective, then we will test the Periwinkle extracts on humans and prove that they can kill cancer cells," she told reporters here Tuesday.

She added studies on the Periwinkle flowers have entered the third year and is led by IPPT Deputy Director of Research, Prof Madya Ishak Mat sponsored by MAKNA (National Cancer Council) which gave a RM300,000 grant.

"Tests on the Perinwinkle's effectiveness on humans will take five years and if found to be successful can be used as medicine to kill cancer cells when treating breast cancer,"

With the name of the principal investigator (P.I.) of the study being so obscure and the bosses who can't wait to get all the glory in the media, let us assume that the PI is Prof. Madya Ishak Mat. Check out his publication track record here.

Semuanya Boleh di Bolehland, where a drug development from hit-to-lead to clinical trial only takes 8 years and a preliminary RM 300,000.

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