Saturday, February 24, 2007

Can Stand Another Second Term?

Let's face it lah frankly. Can he, or rather YOU stand another second term?

With all these heavenly mega-projects announced almost like every single second now and then (which frankly, I want them to succeed), and he had declared that he is not one-term, his second term is very likely; starting from next year onwards after the 'dish' being served hot. Then, minimal sandiwara-like changes will happen (check out the flip-flop-f**k headlines these days) to portray him as the Godsent mandate-carrier again. He will still be a (sleeping) puppet, but with a different puppet master this time, most probably by the person who rhymes with 'tar'. Oh, of course with the budak still around, without any doubt. Then, as I look into my crystal ball (or isn't that everybody's crystal ball said so?), that fella will give up midway (citing 'health reasons'), paving the way for the person who rhymes with 'tar' and his budak to reign. Will there be a revolutionary change for Bo_ _ hland then?

Something short to ponder upon this weekend. ;)

p.s. If you want to comment, no mentioning of names, okay? You know, I know, enough lar. Cheers.

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