Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Marjorie Dawes (Fat Fighters/Little Britain) Comes To Malaysia

Hello fatties! Hellloooo....yes, yes, lovely to be here. Welcome to Fat Fighters Malaysia Edition.

Blimey! They told me Malaysia is full of fat people, they were not wrong, weren't they?

Have we got new members here? Have we? Newwwwwwww....members? Hands up! Newwwwwwww.....members?

[These are the faces of the few hands up]

Hahaha...we got a new member there, do we? What's your name? Sorry, do it again? Do it again? Do it again?

Because we have many newwwwwww members here, it might be quite nice we have a game. We have some cards here.

First, we have a burger. Burgerrrrrrrrrrrr. Is is low in fat? High in fat? Yes, it is actually very high in fat. Yeah, we have to ban the ads.

Now, here's the teh tarik. Is is low in fat? High in fat? Yeah, it is usually very high in fat (sugar). But I find it very low in fat. Just toss it in the air and it will be very low in fat. You can drink as much as you like.

Now, here's the roti canai. Is it low in fat? High in fat? Yes, again it is very low in fat. If you toss it in the air, all the fat will evaporate off. You can have as much as you like.

Now, this is a nasi lemak. Ooohhh...don't you love nasi lemak. Nasiiii lemakkkk. Gimme nasi lemakkkk..... C'mon please. Seriously please. Is this nasi lemak low in fat? High in fat? Usually it is very high in fat, but I find it if you take a spoonful of it with Ryvita, it is actually very low in fat.

Fatties, here are the cravings you should have as much as you like as they are low in fat. Instead, ban those f**king ads!

To learn about Marjorie Dawes' character, visit here. And here's the video which inspired this post.

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