Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Amir Muhammad Plans Reformasi Film

Is Amir digging another cemetery for himself again? After communists, he is now planning a film for a reformist: Do You Remember The 20th Day Of September?

[Source: theSun]

20th September 1998. It was just a day before the closing ceremony of the 1998 XVI Commonwealth Games in Malaysia, which the Queen attended, as mentioned in the article. Where was I? Hmmm...still in high school where I started to plan my own Reformasi as the Head Prefect was given to Form 5 guy instead of me but that's another whole story so please don't ask...

Visit his official blog here.

Long before there was Taiko and such a thing called blog, we have one of the pioneer online diarists, Sabri Zain, who is now based in Cambridge. He is the one who wrote the book Face Off in which I think Amir's screenplay will be adaptated from it.

Two very familiar blogosphere personalities - a hater and a regular, wrote reviews on that book. You can read the full review by the hater here, and the regular here.

Uncle, you don't mind me exposing your past, do you? :P

Some excerpt from the review:

First, I quote from Rehman Rashid's foreword which he began with a familiar refrain: "Try to remember the kind of September" which I believe stirs a lot of nostalgia among us, of better times past?

Do you spot someone also very familiar there? Yeh, nobody would have expected that almost 9 years later, the quoter of the above (and others too) would be remembered by the quotee as Rectum Ramblers.

Ah, Wednesday the 21st is all about nostalgia...

The man who openly would be the future Prime Minister was sacked. Come 20th September 2008, who will be the Prime Minister of Malaysia? I remembered my father once said this:

The day we were demonising him is the day he will be back as the PM. 10 years later.

Meanwhile, Bogus Mr. Nice Guy gave another orchestrated, script-written/templated Q&A interview to an international news agency and has this to say:

"There are many things that the Malaysian voters would want me to do to fulfil my promise to them and I think that I still have some more work to do -- that's honestly what I believe."

Aiyoh! Don't you feel bored and nauseated?

[Source: theSun]

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