Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Congrats, Jacky Surin!

Do you remember Jacqueline Ann Surin? Yes, she was the one who dared to write an open letter to the PM...

Really, I don't need to be a Muslim or a Malay to have a stake in this country. But even that might be delegitimised because in more ways than one, I'm a minority.

And I'm constantly reminded that my views and concerns must give way to the privileges and rights of the dominant race, and a specific interpretation of the faith they profess.

But really what I want to ask you is this: Why do I have to constantly feel afraid in my own country? Why am I continuously told I have less rights to discuss important issues affecting my community?

You promised to be prime minister for all Malaysians. We hope you will remember that promise.

Ouch! That really touched many hearts.

Unfortunately, we still see child/body-snatching cases and we were told with a self-contradictory statement that "justice in court the bigger concern".

Congratulations to Jacqueline Ann Surin, for being listed as one of the four women journalists in Article 19's "Pionnering Women Voices" in conjunction with the Women's International Day last 8th March.

[Source: theSun, pg 11]

And for those wondering for a long time, this is how she looks like.

Jacqueline Ann Surin believes that you cannot be neutral on a moving train. Do you?

Read the full report (PDF) here.

Watch this space. We might invite her to talk at a very meaningful gathering coming to a town near you.

Up next: Susan Loone?

p.s. Maybe her counterpart at Bintang should lick her political masters' balls lesser emulate her.

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