Thursday, March 22, 2007

Replanning The Planned Bolehwood Movie Village

Hmm...Bolehwood Movie Village. Sounds familiar?


Yup. We had that 7 years ago. With M and Jackie Chan summore.

The E-Village is a private collaboration between Malaysian businessmen, who own 70% of the equity, and British Aerospace Vice President Stephen Colin Grigg, who owns the rest.

Already, Asia's largest sound stage has been completed measuring 50 meters in length, 40 m in width and 16 m in height, large enough to be turned into a small village for feature films.

Adjacent to the sound stage is a ''virtual studio'' for special effects and computer animation.

When the entire 400 million ringgit Studio Precinct is completed over the next three years, it will boast eight studios and other post-production complexes plus a training academy.

Other than the Studio Precinct, two further phases will see the construction of theme parks, convention centers, health farms and shopping complexes.

Comparing other ''E-Villages'' around the world, Entertainment Village (M) Sdn. Bhd. Executive Vice Chairman Ibrahim Abdul Ghaffar said Malaysia is attractive because of its cheaper costs.

That 'over the next three years' should have been 2003. Have you heard any news on it now?

And here's the interesting part:

He also reminded foreign filmmakers intending to come to Malaysia that the country is predominantly Muslim and that they must be ''sensitive not to offend.''

2003 = Mahathir Microchip
2007 = kaMaluddin Microchip
2009 = ??? Microchip

2000 = Mahathir's Bolehwood
2007 = Blah's Bedolwood
2009= ???'s _ _ _ _ _wood

Relaunching the launched, replanning the planned.

Revoting the voted? Remandating the mandated? ;)

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