Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Search For Mr. Nice Guy

I was caught by surprise when I saw this headline:


What? Do you mean that the No.1 all-time Mr. Nice Guy is gone or is he no longer nice?

Well, to be an all-time Mr. Nice Guy, I have some pointers:

1. Come up with flowery slogans. Gal..I mean, people love them. But never keep promises.

2. Knows how to sleep. Not just in bed. At general assemblies too.

3. Having luxurious jets and yachts might come in handy. Can impress international female stars at yachting events too. Oh, the shoulder is the sensitive zone. ;)

4. $$$ matters. Give out RM 60 million to each 'branch'. Nobody hates money.

5. Never disclose relationship/engagement/marriage. Dispel/dodge it as 'rumours' and 'don't believe everything you hear on the internet'. The ear-clasping gesture comes in handy. Even label bloggers as liars.

6. Go travelling around the world. Seldom be at home.

7. Always tell your lovers "I demand majority support/mandate. I still have a lot of work to do."

8. Don't tell everything you do to give your lover(s) a surprise (or the lack thereof). Say "Cannot, cannot tell everything lar".

9. Oh, last but not least. Having some people on the 4th floor to manage your business would be ideal.

Wow, seems more like a P*mp Daddy than a Mr. Nice Guy to me. Have you been p*mped out lately? ;)

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