Wednesday, March 21, 2007

ZAM, Pee Yourself A Puddle of Urine To Reflect On!

Introducing...The Blog Demonizer and Hypocrite

This is what Bernama wrote:


To quote:

"The information posted on the blog website may be something provocative, politically motivated, inaccurate and are mostly rumours floated for the interests of certain parties," he said.

And this is what The Star wrote:


To quote:

“Sometimes, some newspapers are unable to choose wisely and accept what is written on the web, which is represented by one person or an organisation with political motives.”

Did you spot something missing?

Have I missed out that paper? Oh, they have long Nasty Peed themselves puddles of urine but wouldn't reflect on them.

If I'm not mistaken, and are also websites. So if the latter with its literally 'newspaper' quotes from the former, is it a liar?

Oh, I have forgotten. They are all 2 x 5 = 5 x 2.

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