Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ijok: PUNDAK Loses To -lang Suffix

Never mind the Parti Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang and Kuda Belang.

Here comes Parti PUNLANG - Parti Undi Hilang (Lost Votes Party) that PUNDAK can't even resist, who won by the majority of...erhmm...9 votes (143 vs. 134).

But both of them still lose out to yet another latest party addition, PARTYAPATHY - Parti Apathi/Tak Peduli Register Undi (Apathy/Didn't bother to register to vote Party).

I am generally a non-partisan. But like Sigma, will I succumb to join PARLUPAN - Parti Lupa Harapan [Lost-faith/hope (in) Party]?

Malaysians Have No One To Blame But Themselves

We are our greatest enemy. Complacent. Demented. Plagued by racial issues.

Do I still have faith? I don't know. :(

Friday, April 27, 2007

Trip To KL (Part 3): Pudu/Imbi/Bukit Bintang Area

Decided to lay off anything related to i-Joke, so here's the continuation of my trip to KL two weekends ago.

From Masjid Jamek, walked to Puduraya past Tung Shin Hospital and up to Pudu Jail. Hey, it's not really that far away, so why waste money taking the LRT?

Can someone tell me what are they still building here? Been for donkey years and the place is still the same.

A capital disgrace - The Puduraya Bus Station. Greatest heat cum carbon monoxide incubator in the world.

Supposedly if you are UK-home sick, this is the place to be - with Debenhams (chap-lap or tutup kedai already) and Borders.

Ah, Borders...with their relatively over-priced books and CDs...

Besides Borders, I don't know what this hotel-like Times Square is worth. Spent only 30 mins there. Then hopped over to Low Yat (picture not shown) and found out that most of the crowd was driven way by the PC Fair at KLCC. The proceeded to Sungai Wang, which I found the place too claustrophobic.

Named the Picadilly Circus of Kuala Lumpur, this zebraline crossing is synonymous with Bukit Bintang. Also a favourite meeting point for tourists.

Ah, Lot 10. I remembered watching the Survivor finale live at the San Francisco cafe here before.

Also situated at this Lot 10 corner is this place where you may gather and conspire against bloggers.

Planet Hollywood Kuala Lumpur. A place for Americans to feel at home.

The infamous and notorious multi-thousand-ringgit-Najib-officiated public toilet. Didn't bother to try it out or to review it as a seasoned backpacker like me, those who pay to urinate are losers. There was actually someone dozing off at the toilet counter (not sure the reason for its existence) but didn't bother to snap a picture as I could be C4-ed anytime. :)

The next most talked about place of interest in Bukit Bintang, the Arab Quaters or Ain Arabia. They are signs leading to this place and you will be greeted with this arch.

Not even close to the concept of Chinatowns, besides Middle Eastern restaurants, you will find Ayah Pin's legacy there at a so-called Arabic-themed park.

And very apt for an Arabic theme indeed. Just at the right corner before entering Ain Arabia, you will find this Irish pub, which could be a convenient target for Middle-eastern tehlorlists?

The Ain Arabia is also one of the drop-off points for the Hop-On/Off bus. Quite tempting to jump into this bus to save me from walking, plus the have the tinted glasses installed to dodge the hot sun. But neh, didn't. Continued walking towards KLCC (up next).


Boy, they must be really desperate. Like a perfect fairy-tale, Sleeping Beauty visits finally.

What has Wolfowitz's farting got to do with it?

Spin, spin, spin.

Trying to stay off the media for now. It's really nauseating. Wake me up on Sunday, will you?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cyber Media Unit = The New Special Branch?

Ladies and gentlemen, this just in:

Cyber Media Unit To Counter Misinformation On The Net

KUALA LUMPUR, April 24 (Bernama) -- The Information Ministry is to set up a cyber media section soon to counter misinformation on government policies posted on the Internet by irresponsible people and to disseminate the correct information to the public.

Deputy Minister Datuk Seri Chia Kwang Chye said today the move was mooted in view of the growing importance of the Internet as a powerful communication tool and especially in the wake of the technology being abused by some quarters to spread misinformation on subjects of national interest.

"This special unit will be purely working to disseminate information, explain correct information and counter the misinformation on government policies for the general public.

"We are in the midst of finalising the administrative part and it will come into effect very soon," he told reporters after witnessing the signing of a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) between Open University Malaysia (OUM) and the Asian Institute for Communication Development (Aidcom) to offer a Development Communication Diploma Programme for working adults, at OUM here.

Chia said the unit would also work to rectify misinformation posted against national interest both in local and international registered domains.

He added, however, that the unit would have no power to take action against the irresponsible bloggers. "Our role is not to take action against them but rather to give the general public the correct and better information through the Internet," he said.


Aping The Little Red Dot?

Or the new Special Branch?

Whatever they are, they are most welcome at our BUM2007 gathering.

Have you registered and paid yet? ;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Putera UMNO's North Pole 'Successful' Jump: How Real Is It?

So they finally 'made it'. Yawn.


But why the inverted commas, Howsy?

Simple. Because my skepticism is founded. First, the news from Bernama reads:

Led by Putera Umno and expedition chief Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, the feat was more meaningful because Malaysia went ahead with the jump as teams from other countries pulled out due to bad weather.

Wah, Malaysia so brave one har! 'Calculated risk' or just 'plain stupid'? Or 'faking it'? ;)

If you bother to News-Google 'north pole jump', all you can see are news by Malaysia's state-controlled media and not a hint from 'other countries' as mentioned in the news above.

And besides the picture from The Star above (which is from Bernama), the other picture available is this:


Tell me if you've found pictures of helicopters and parachutes circulating around.

Only the bunch of people above, Bernama's photographer, Syed Azwan Syed Ali, and God, are the witness. Malaysians will never know most of the things, it seems.

And just to recap, here's an excellent poster by my crony, mob1900.

Altantuya's Son 'DNA Test' Finally Out

Almost a month ago, The Sensintrovert asked "Altantuya's Son DNA Test: So, Is It Out Yet?" and that 'Saturday', the day the DNA test was supposed to be out, was on the 17th of March.

Susan Loone then kindly picked up the news and also said that Malaysia is not only mudah lupa (forgets easily), but also mudah tipu (lies easily). She said:

Who actually lied? Either Bernama has been had or the Consul had lied, or whoever who leaked the information out to the Consul, who then eagerly leaked the information to Bernama, lied. Either way, the information was wrong, because no DNA test was done on the young boy, who is sick and awaiting treatment for his failing health.

Finally, as if Watson and Crick were born yesterday, the 'DNA test' result is finally out.


Normally it is the Chemistry Department or the Police Forensics who conducts DNA tests. But in the news, the 'source' is so mysterious and elusive.

And why was this 'test' result finally revealed now, days before the Ijok elections and after the Opposition has been flaming this case?

For all I know, many would have known that Altantuya's son does not even have a hint of Malay(sian) blood in him after The Star whored Susan's exclusive video.

Questions, questions, questions...

Better not say more now as anyone could be a victim of C4 next...

So Volatile Being A The Star Columnist and An Uncredited Entrapment Extra...

He was an Entrapment extra, working at Tun M's Twin Towers...

His 'column' (inverted commas to indicate that it is not quite a column - see below), "Playing The Fool", was revived on April Fool's Day (what an appropriate day!) but never saw the light on its third installment.

The Star doesn't give a hoot to KTC. Antique Wong Sulong with the column 'Pak Lah's Pet Projects' is well and alive there.

And here's the circulating e-mail, via Poli101:

Dear volunteers,

The Star newspaper has terminated the column of its more outspoken editor, Kee Thuan Chye. His column was singled out by The Star management after the government gave a general warning to The Star not to overstepped its boundary.

Kee Thuan Chye’s view for press freedom has been featured in an interview published in The Sun by Jacqueline Ann Surin, another outspoken journalist. Kee also has been speaking out publicly about the need for press freedom in many occasion, such as in a SUHAKAM seminar held last year.

CIJ urges volunteers to write a brief letter to The Star asking why his column, “Playing the fool” has not appeared for two weeks. You do not have to mention about the government warning. Please circulate this email among your friends and urge to write too!

Please send your letter to

Write for freedom of expression!


Wai Fong, advocacy officer

Perhaps he is just fit to correct our Engrund?

This is what I wrote. You can C&P the same:

Dear The Star Editor,

It was brought to my attention that one of your columns, "Playing The Fool" by Kee Thuan Chye, has failed to see its third installment in your paper. I believe that us fee-paying subscribers of your paper deserve an explanation on the sudden disappearance of the column. Thank you.


The Circulating Revathi-Apostasy-Rehabilation-AlJazeera SMS Video Is Up

By super efficient Malaysiakini

The full video:

Background via People's Parliament:

Revathi is the Malaysian presently detained for rehabilitation at the Ulu Yam Rehab Centre.

Al-Jazeera carried a 15 minute documentary on the ‘Everywoman’ segment last Friday, 20/4/2007 at 7.30pm.

Text messages were flying around yesterday announcing a repeat of the programme at 9.30pm. This, it turned out, was incorrect.

This is the information I have received as to the dates and times the the documentary will be aired again on the ‘Everywoman’ segment.

Today (23/4/2007) - 11.30am and 5pm

24/4/2007 - 1.30pm

25/4/2007 - 10.30am and 3.30pm

26/4/2007 - 2.30pm

Don’t really know how reliable this info is so i suggest you check through the ‘future programmes’ mode on Astro in respect of the ‘Everywoman’ segment on channel 20.

Btw, I was a recipient of that SMS too.

Spring Cleaning Memory Lane: Aku Janji Document

Was clearing out some documents and stuff and managed to find the Aku Janji a.k.a AUKU document for your perusal. Click on the images for larger view. FYI, all undergrad students are compulsary to sign it. Names have been censored to protect the innocent.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Sorry, Your Moobs and Nips Are Showing... get yourself a bra and don't embarrASS yourself.

[Source] via Nat Tan pix.

And looks like the man in the red helmet is having fun groping his *ahem*.

I know this is overdued but just came back from JayBee and only got internet connection now.


moobs = man boobs/gynecomastia
nips = nipples/areola
KJ = ass

Friday, April 20, 2007

Trip To KL (Part 2): Dataran Merdeka/Masjid Jamek Area

Continuing from my previous post, here's the second part of my travel to KL.

Pleasantly surprised to find out KL has road signs to tourist attractions which are reachable by foot.

And here's the National History Museum of Malaysia, not to be confused with the National Museum. It is situated at the left hand corner across from the Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad.

Hands up, how many of you KL-ites (and those working there) have been there before?

Admission ticket at dirt-cheap RM 1, you will be greeted by Hang Tuah upon entering the museum.

Will Hang Tuah go alive at night, just like Night At The Museum?

You'll find everything you have studied in your history book on Malaysia, from bunga hantaran emas...

...different types of ceremonial kerises (which is now being abused for threatening to soak them with the blood of other ethnic groups)

...the Batu Bersurat Terengganu, the earliest record of how Islam was brought into this country... overview of Malaysian nationalisme, with Hang Tuah juxtaposed with Tun M kissing a keris...

...the proclamation of independence by Tunku Abdul Rahman, crafted on bronze.

Once the icon of KL, this building has been replaced by newer structures like the KL Tower and the Petronas Twin Towers.

And this is where they monitor your blogs?

Best know as an interchange for Putra-Star LRT, have you found the charm from this mosque yet?

Will be on the road again from tomorrow till Monday; down to JayBee this time (but not crossing over the Causeway). As there will be limited internet connection, this blog will not be updated and sorry if I can't answer your e-mails (especially regarding the BUM2007 gathering) promptly.

By-Elections Are Like Christmas...

By-Elections Are Like Christmas...

People spend a lot of time and money preparing for it...

People make wish-lists, promise goodies...

People do hell a lot of decorating...

Fracas happens...not unlike shopping for present and goodies...

If you're naughty, you're not getting any...

And you hear all the sweetness in the air...

But after that ONE day,

Presents unwrapped (or lack thereof) and people do not always get the gifts they wanted...

The decorations - literally and figuratively, remain there or just being chucked away...

Everything's back to normal, it's just an easy-come-easy-go occasion...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ijok Campaign Blogs

One is less obvious - by PKR. A Wordpress supporter.

It says:

Laman Blog ini bertujuan membuat liputan dan memberikan pembaca perkembangan terkini Pilihanraya Kecil Dewan Undangan Negeri Ijok tahun 2007.

Blog ini dikendalikan oleh

Ahmad Zaki Yamani
Ketua Penerangan keADILan Selangor

Contains news links from Harakah Daily and statements from PKR leaders that would not make their ways to the MSM.

The other one is more politically incorrect. A Blogspot supporter.

It says:

Blog ini disediakan bagi memberikan maklumat kepada pengundi Ijok mengenai isu-isu semasa. Kita yakin pengundi Ijok akan mengundi Barisan Nasional sekiranya mereka tidak terpengaruh dengan dakyah pembangkang. Bantu jelaskan isu-isu ini kepada mereka. Blog ini akan menjawab isu-isu pembangkang dan mendedahkan politik sempit yang memperkudakan rakyat untuk kepentingan pemimpin tertentu. Sila cetak artikel-artikel yang difikirkan sesuai dalam blog ini dan sebarkan kepada seberapa ramai pengundi yang boleh. Marilah kita menentukan agar pengundi Ijok tidak menjadi mangsa permainan politik parti-parti pembangkang!

They don't have to look far. The BN propaganda machine, the mainstream media (MSM) provides them with all the 'true' stories.

Both of them are in Malay. Nevertheless, it's a good sign that the blogging phenomenon in Malaysia is now being embraced and engaged.

But Joceline Tan of The Star would beg to differ. She gave us some 'useful lessons' last Saturday:

“All the personal attacks by the opposition had no effect,” said Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

Many thought he was referring to the Internet attacks on Umno leaders, especially the Prime Minister and his family.

The issues that are being played up in blogosphere are popular and current among the urban middle class but had no impact on the rural Malay heartland.

Or is that so? What about through the WOM (word of mouth)? Was that 'analysis' to suit her political masters? How does that explain her subsequent column and several 'blogger-supportive' articles by her Double Datuk boss?

I seriously think that MSM spinners a.k.a Squealers should be treated like war criminals.

So, regardless of what your political ideologies and who your political masters are, what are you waiting for? Have you registered yourself (and paid) for the Bloggers United Malaysia Gathering 2007 this 19th May? Head over to the official website for further information.

Post on Blah's Bodrum Attracts Spammers

Got quite a handful of visits from Turkey but didn't give it a fuss until this:

It's all because of this post...

I'm not complaining, actually. Would like to pay the place and country a visit (which is one of the few countries I've missed out during my Euro backpacking trip).

Politically Incorrect Blog?

"Ijok For BN"

Yeah, of course. Everything in Malaysia is for BN ('s pocket).

Try putting 'Britain For Labour' or 'Britain For Blair' or 'USA For Bush' and see what will happen.

To learn more about political correctness, visit Wikipedia.

: Look ma, I'm on Mkini!

Trip To KL Part 1 - Puduraya/Petaling Street/ Central Market Area

As promised, here is the post on my trip to KL last weekend (which I don't bother to post in my travelblog, The Sensintravelert as the blog is bloody pathetic and has so poor site traffic).

Arrived at the Greatest Carbon Monoxide Incubator on Earth (TM) just before noon:

Popped down to Petaling Street and saw this sign:

It says no VCD/CD only. I guess that explains why I still see several ubiquitous peddlers-on-foot trying to sell DVDs.

Ah, the obligatory Ais Mata Kucing. It's better to drink in a bowl as you'll find it difficult trying to fish out the longan meat from the packet later.

Quite surprised to see Kotaraya given a Vegas-like facelift. This used to be the place where we went soft-toys hunting to bribe show appreciation our seniors during their convocation. Kinda silly thinking back about it.

Wah, got rocket and Malaysia Boleh somemore! Free publicity for our Bolehnauts or DAP?

Walked along the road towards Central Market and managed to find this place serving the popular beef ball noodles. Didn't know the Vietnamese? Nepalese? waiters could understand Cantonese that well.


Crossed the road towards Central Market and found this 'nature' exhibition. I thought all these have been banned already?

It reads : 'Manifestasi Kebesaran dan Keagungan Tuhan' and that's a toyol by the 'ALAM' word and an alien at the lower left.

Not searching for souveniers so just walked past and ended up by the river where the gayest bar in Kuala Lumpur is situated.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know what sort of patrons this bar is catering for, noticing the colour of the building and the 'Mr.' pageant.

All that was done on foot. Pictures taken using SE w810i camphone (not sponsored by them).

More to come: Dataran Merdeka area (can't believe I haven't been to there all my life), Peace Hill where they are monitoring our blogs and the National History Museum of Malaysia, a hidden gem.

Unscrupulous Photo Op

Compare this...


with this...


One is like a lesbo couple overjoyed with their child adoption/overjoyed for finding their lost love child and the other is like a ceremonial grieving/mourning for the departed.

Keyword of the day: Unscrupulous.