Saturday, May 12, 2007

BN MPs Menorrhagic Marmoset Mouths

Just some track record of their menorrhagia marmoset mouths' cycle:

"Batu Gajah MP Leaks Every Month"

"You Like It Hard or Soft?"

"Tiada kompromi dalam Islam, ini biar Jakim komen, orang bukan Islam jangan komen pasal Islam, ini negara Islam'"

The dragon fruit red faeces paradox

And loads from Wikipedia:

"How long can the Yang Berhormat's husband stand her?"

"Malaysia ini negara Islam, you tak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia!"

"The damned, bloody stupid old man! Ah Pek (old man), sit down and keep quiet!" (from Malaysiakini also)

"Keling botol, keling jual roti..." (The latest - dark skinned Indians = buruh kasar, fair-skinned Indians = buruh biasa)

"This is the fasting month (of Ramadhan, when Muslims must fast during the day). I don't want to argue with people who don't understand, who don't fast."

And several 'Racist', 'Macam Monyet' and 'Go To Hell' videos from Youtube.

Next up sandiwara:

GEICs writing up columns 'condemning' their acts.

The PM warns MPs to watch what they speak.

The No.2 will repeat this:

"We have chastised the Umno speakers and told them not to repeat such things. When we chastise, it means that we reject what they said because it is not in line with the party policy,"

RM 200, tar roads, sewing machines and they'll get the votes. Everything will go in a cycle again.

This Is Malaysia (TIM).

The quadruple Ms have been inspired by KTemoc.

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