Wednesday, May 16, 2007

'Bocor' Issue: The Two Male Chauvinist Pigs (MCPs) Did Not Apologise; The Star Endorses Lying.

The latest from ntv7's 6 pm BM news: They DID NOT apologise.

I'm seriously getting tired of these pathetic snapshots from the TV. Can someone sponsor me a USB TV stick and a capture software? :P

They are just learning from and betting on the No.1 non-apologist horse of Malaysia:

Image from Mave.

This is what Bunn Nagara from The Star said on live national TV yesterday:

Bunn Nagara just accused blogging as 'internet gossip' and 'bloggers are subjective and do not double check their facts (unlike the MSM) before publishing'.

Bunn Nagara then added: "I've seen more of the popular blogs running 'false information' just trying to outdo the MSM in meeting deadlines."

Eat your own words, Bunn. Need to pee yourself a pool of urine? Like ZAM?

Verdict: The Star endorses lying and liars.

Will they hide it like Houdini the missing piece of news last time?

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