Friday, May 11, 2007

'Close One Eye' Case - One Year On

As I was browsing my last year's posts, just realised that today marks the first anniversary of the Cyclops coming out and admitting that he was behind the 'close-one-eye' case. Here's to refresh your demented memory:

Ya, saya punya! (Yes, it's mine!)

Company: Saya punya!

Mohd Said said his company, BinYusuf Enterprise, a shipping and forwarding agency, has interests in both barter trade ports in the state ­ Kuala Linggi and Sungai Rambai.

All hail to the saint! Close one eye for country's income and people's jobs.

"This is because this industry contributes RM7 billion to the country's income and involves job opportunities to some 300,000 people."

Wah!!! Sooooo courageous!!!

The pie has hit the Pee Emm's face. I seriously do not know what to say more if he didn't take any action against him.

Oh, well. Would you all just give this 'saint' a chance? He just learnt it from The Medicine Man. You see...EeeSeeEmm and Score Me... know, I know, enough lar. No need to shout in Barlimen, cry and resign.

One year on, Cyclops is still in the Animal House, verbally harassing women. Syabas!

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