Friday, May 11, 2007

'Fighting and Struggling'

Fighting and struggling:

...wants the Malays to keep fighting for Umno to ensure that the party continues to lead the government in Malaysia "even for the next 100 years".

"Umno will continue to be our perpetual struggle, as long as there are stars and the moon in the sky and the earth beneath us.

"Umno will be there as long as the Malay race exists...

Happy 61th Birthday!

Here's an editorial published last November during a particular weapon-waving general assembly:

UMNO will continue to stick to its nationalist nature. In fact, the party seems intent on embracing this ideology even more firmly. Issues like marginalisation and bumiputera equity are just the warm-up exercises.

Of course, this is nothing new. Like a broken record, the same topics are brought out over and over, supported by stage theatrics and hollow sentiments.

Other political parties from the same period - such as India's Indian National Congress, China's Kuomintang, Egypt's National Democratic Party and South Korea's liberal party - also began as nationalist parties in response to the control imposed by their colonial masters.

However, once these nationalist parties have accomplished their historic duty to achieve independence for their country, they tend to lose their purpose. Many of the nationalist parties in Africa, Asia and Latin America have withered away into oblivion and become part of the dust of history.

Those parties that remain might still cling to their old names, but they have had to reinvent themselves in order to survive. In keeping with modern developments and the trend of globalisation, these parties now champion the twin causes of democratic freedom and equality.

UMNO is the exception. It has not changed its policies, yet it has somehow managed to survive and even thrive. Malaysia, the land of abundant resources, continues to nurture this old political party that seems to have lived past its prime.

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